Always look on the Brightside of life


I must admit I’ve dabbled with Lush for a number of years, but over the past 6 months I have started to become a true Lushie. So I’ve decided to start documenting how I find each product I use, starting with Brightside.


Brightside whole


This beauty is a bubble bar and costs £4.95 but I swear it is so huge I’m going to get at least five baths out of it. So really that works out as only £1 a use which is amazing! Although cost isn’t everything and this block of sunshine not only uplifts your mood with its bright colour, it also smells brilliant. Like most Lush bath products it smells quite strong but I honestly don’t care it smells so good. Brightside’s main ingredients are tangerine oil, bergamot oil and gardenia extract, so overall it smells like an orange grove which is certainly uplifting during this cold wet winter. The best why I can describe it is a block of Summer. I have a lot of Lush products in my large double bedroom but Brightside is definitely the predominant smell in the room which is utterly lovely. It holds together much better than most bubble bars I’ve used and doesn’t get glitter everywhere like some too. I like Brightside would the perfect post cold bath treat because it smells of warmth and health.


How much I used


Okay now I’ve waxed lyrical about how amazing it smells let’s get down to the nitty gritty, how does it perform? I only used the tiniest amount as you can see in the picture, (sorry for the strange background I’d already started running the water before I remembered to take this). I guess this is about a sixth of the overall bar. I didn’t think it would be possible but I swear the smell got so much stronger when I broke this piece off. It was quite crumbly as you’d expect from a bubble bar, that’s why I ended up with three chunks instead of one. It didn’t cake all over my hand like most other bars which was good but it did manage to discolour the bath taps. Don’t worry it just took a quick rise with the shower head to clean it off and I’m sure they sparkled more, so maybe it’s multipurpose. I’m going to guess you know how to use a bubble bar but just in case, run warm water and crumble the bar under the taps yes it is that simple. I prefer bubble bars because they create so much more bubbles than bath bombs. The smell filling the bathroom was fantastic it was smelt like I was about to jump into a glass of orange juice. With the heater on it was almost as if I was in a Mediterranean garden, it was simply lush. I almost got carried away and flooded the bathroom but the bubbles caught my eye at the last moment. I can’t stress enough how uplifting and beautiful Brightside really is, it is definitely a new favourite!


Look at all the bubbles!

Once I’d eased myself into my lovely bubble bath I could felt my mood lift. I usually only have a bath after I’ve been up to the stables, I don’t care what anyone says horses don’t do all the work. I definitely work really hard too, and end up with quite a few aches and sores. This week I had a particularly stiff behind my left shoulder blade and sore thighs from riding without stirrups. So I really need to soak and relax within ten minutes my legs felt better than normal and I could roll my shoulder. Although my shoulder is still a little stiff everything else is back to normal. Brightside has left my skin really smooth, smelling great and I’m still able to pretend it’s summer. Overall I’d give Brightside 5/5 bunnies and would recommend to all my friends who are need a boost of summer.  Let me know how you found Brightside and what some of your favourites are or if there’s anything you’d like me to review.




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