Give ’em the Razzle Dazzle! 

Hello my lovelies it’s time for another lush review. I’m going to be straight with you this post isn’t going to be as gushing as the last, but I’m going to really try. To be fair my amazing boyfriend bought me this little beauty for Christmas and I’ve only been using his gifts when he visits. I was a little nervous about using this product because it recently made headlines after it dyed one Lushie pink! You’ve guessed it I’m talking about Razzle Dazzle. 

It’s so small!

This little beaut is a little different it’s a Luxury Bath Oil, you simply pop it in the bath and let it melt away. It’s really simple to use but the colour seems to be super strong so really don’t rub it in like some people do with Bath bombs. It also doesn’t smell as strong but I suppose it is kinda tiny. However I could still smell the raspberry and lime that they promise, it was sort of like bathing in a cocktail. Razzle Dazzle is a one time only treatment and it £2 which I guess is kinda fair but I don’t think it’s as great value as a Bubble Bar. It looks really glittery but it doesn’t leave it all over bath unlike some other products. 

So I finally popped it in the bath and it didn’t colour the water too quickly until it happened to bop up and down under the tap. I suppose if I hadn’t been such a wimp I could of crumbled it under the tap but I was so nervous about turning my hand pink. Honestly I squealed every time I touched the thing. I’m not exactly a pink kinda girl and was really worried about being teased for having a pink hand! I suppose the smell got a little stronger once I submerged myself but it wasn’t a patch on other Lush products I’ve used. I’m glad I used a shower cream as well because I really don’t think the scent would hold for much longer than an evening. So I suppose it’d be nice after work or before a meal out just not as a cleansing product. 

Not great for bubbles

It didn’t really colour the water that much, it just sort of stayed this pale pink, which was kinda disappointing but I suppose it was small. The oils somehow managed to mix with the water better than I anticipated, I expected it to sit on top and be quite unpleasant. Razzle Dazzle did have some good points though it left my skin so soft I kept stroking my arms. It also spread the glitter nicely over my body so I keep finding sparkly patches! It’s not my sort of thing really, so overall I give it 2/5 bunnies. 

Maybe I’m being unnecessarily harsh and you love Razzle Dazzle, let me know in the comments. 




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