Whoa whoa whoa she’s a Ladybird!

Hello you gorgeous lot, first things first let me apologise for the terrible title. As you’ve probably guessed I try to use song lyrics with the product name but have you ever tried finding a decent song containing Ladybird? Seriously the only one I could find was that nursery rhyme and it didn’t really fit. Anyway I’m rambling this time we’re looking at Ladybird. This is a Mother’s Day special, it’s not a huge bubble bar but you could definitely get a couple baths.


Look at this little cutie!
I must admit this little bug is possibly one of the cutest Lush products I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t resist picking it up and giving it a good old sniff. Lush say the main ingredients are peppermint and geranium oil but to be honest it smells like a huge Parma Violet. The peppermint adds a little pick me up to the otherwise floral scent. It isn’t too strong so I’d recommend for any age although I suppose it’d be perfect for a Mum after a long day! Basically it just smells like my childhood, of primary school playgrounds and sunny summer holidays. I may only be 23 but I’m still allowed to get nostalgic and £3.95 is a small price to pay to reminisce. I reckon you could get three baths out of it if you were careful so that’s just £1.32 per bath which is amazing value.

Now let’s get down to the important part how did Ladybird perform? It certainly was a much more crumbly than other bubble bars I’ve used, so I might have ended up using half of the bar. I would normally post a picture to show you exactly how much I used but I made such a mess. The crumbling really helped create more bubbles but it did sort of go everywhere. I managed to sweep most of it together so I suppose it’s not all bad. The scent definitely got a lot stronger when I broke the bar down which was great. Ladybird turned the bath a nice red colour, I must admit I was worried it’d look like I was bathing in blood. However it was much brighter and was a lovely warm red. Plus there was loads of bubbles so it really looked so lovely and inviting.  Ladybird left my skin smooth but not oily which is what I look for after a bath.

So many bubbles!
Ladybird really helped lift my mood after a tough day, it smelt of childhood and looked really pretty. Another plus side was that it really helped my muscles relax and I got rid of the cramp I had in my calf muscle. I know this could have just been the warm water but I think it was partly down to being able to relax and quite happily lose 45 minutes. It didn’t have any glitter so its great for more sensitive skin and the scent isn’t too heavy. Although I didn’t instantly fall in love with Ladybird it certainly grew on me, so I’d have to give it 3/5 bunnies. As always if there’s anything you’d like to add don’t forget to comment.




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