What goes around comes around

Hello you gorgeous lot! I’m having a wonderful day and it’s finally sunny here so I’m loving life right now. You know the score by now the clue is in the title as to what I’ll be writing about. Have you managed to crack my not so cryptic clue in the title, don’t worry if you haven’t this week I’m looking at Karma bubble bar. This was another Christmas present off my lovely boyfriend and he got it so right. Unfortunately I’m an utter idiot and forgot to take a photo of Karma whole but it gives you a good idea of how much I actually used. 


It’s so pretty!


Originally Karma comes as a lovely pyramid with a gorgeous golden top. As you can probably guess I’m going to get about three baths out of this bad boy. So at £4.25 it works out at £1.42 per bath which as always is good value. Mine doesn’t have as much glitter as the one on Lush’s website but that could be because I got a lot of it on my hands and the packing foam. However I still ended up subtlety glittery which is sometimes a bit nicer than looking like a glitter ball. Karma has quite an unusual smell but I love it, sort of lavender with a splash of orange and pine. The smell isn’t overpowering like Brightside but there’s just enough there to relax and still smell good. It’s a really calming yet uplifting natural smell. 

I know you’re all wondering about how well it bubbles so I’ll get to it. Karma was more of a foaming bar, rather than a bubble bar but it made enough to cover a fair bit of the bath. It also turned the water a gorgeous deep purple. The smell didn’t really get much stronger at all during the crumbling but it was still present. I definitely preferred the consistency of Karma to other more crumbly bubble bars, it was firm and didn’t cake my hand. However it did slightly stain my bath taps. Don’t worry though it came off after a bit of in bath scrubbing, so I’m banned from baths just yet! My boyfriend bought Karma for me because sometimes I get really stressed and become a little ball of anger that needs to chill out. Boy did it work, I’ve had a couple of busy and frustrating days this week, but I sunk into this warm beautiful bath and everything just slipped away. I loved it so much that rather than standing up to wash my hair I brought the shower head down so I could chill in the lovely water.


Not many bubbles


As you’ve probably guessed I really loved Karma it really chilled me out and helped me relax. It’s quirky look really mirrors it’s smell but it is a great little gem. The smell has stayed on my skin over a day later despite me running and showering. The only thing missing was the a little more bubbles. I think the smell might have put me off at first but now I’ve used it I would definitely buy it again. So overall I’d give Karma 4/5 bunnies. Let me know what you thought of Karma in the comments, and if there’s anything you think it smells like.




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