Tormentor, mentor experimenter

Hello wonderful, as you’ve probably guessed I really struggled to come up with a title this week. So I can forgive you if you have no idea what this blog is going to be about. I’ll put you out of your misery, and hope you don’t laugh at me too much, this time we’re looking at The Experimenter.

The Experimenter

This little block is pretty funky looking and I like it, even though I seem to have photographed the less interesting side. It’s another present off my amazing boyfriend so as usual it’s not exactly something I’d pick out of myself. I know there’s been a lot of hype about The Experimenter but I’ve always thought that many colours can’t blend that well. It also has a strange smell it’s really minty but there’s also a sort of masculine note to it like really nice aftershave. I guess it smelt like a nice clean man which wasn’t what I was expecting. I guess in future I’d be more inclined to buy it for my boyfriend although he doesn’t really do baths and already smells unbelievable. The Experimenter costs £3.95 which is quite cheap for a Lush bath bomb. I wouldn’t feel completely out of pocket or swindled as it’s a hefty bath bomb. You definitely feel like it’s you’re getting loads of bath bomb for your money, as you can probably sense there’s a but coming.

The Experimenter

When I first popped The Experimenter in I was overjoyed it was full of glitter, popping candy and a thousand different colours. It genuinely felt like I was bathing in a Picasso and the manly smell definitely mellowed but it developed into incense which I know not everyone loves. It made a great noise with the popping candy plus there were a lot of little extra bubbling pools, which gave it a natural spring feel. It was amazing and I loved it, if I hadn’t already got in I’d be jumping right in. Underneath all the pretty colours there was a gorgeous lilac centre but I couldn’t help but notice the change of colour. After the coloured foam died away I was felt with this murky bluey green sort of like a dirty stream. The only redeeming feature was the mast amounts of glitter which made the water look enchanted. Unfortunately my camera didn’t really capture it but I was so glittery it took two showers for it to leave completely.

The middle and the water

To be honest I was indifferent about the smell, I know some people really hate it but it didn’t linger on my skin. I’ve seen that The Experimenter is a real marmite for some people but I’m just kind of indifferent. I’m not sure I’d buy it for myself but I wouldn’t mind buying for the men in my life. It’s really strange the initial colours are quite bright and feminine however everything else seems to feel ever so masculine. I guess I’d have to give it 2/5 bunnies although I might be being a little generous just because I loved the glitter and coloured foam. What do you think about The Experimenter, am I being too harsh? Let me know in the comments.

Love Debbie



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