I would walk 93,000 miles 

Hello lovely, I hope you’re having a wonderful day and you’re ready for a slice of Lush in your day! This week I was rushed off my feet so yet again had to forgo my nice relaxing bath. So instead I thought I’d review a product I’ve had for ages now, it’s 93,000 miles shower jelly. 

A little icky pot

Like I said I’ve had this for months now mainly because I only use it on special occasions when my muscles are really tight. And I’ve made the mistake of leaving it in the way of the showerhead so my pot is a tad grim. Although the product inside is still perfectly fine. I had a really stiff muscle on my right hand side ribs and this little jelly relaxed it enough to help me twist again. 93,000 miles smells therapeutic with its cinnamon hints and big ol’ hit of eucalyptus and mint. It’s sort of warm and refreshing at the same time. I’ve also used this shower jelly when I’ve had a cold as the eucalyptus helps clear blocked noses and makes it that but easier to breathe. This little pot only cost £3.75 and it’s kept me going for months, I probably use it once a fortnight. I’m really impressed with the fact it hasn’t broken down into tiny pieces yet. So I think it’s really good value for money as some other jellies can break down quite quickly. 


I had to pop it on the lid
As you hopefully know by now I try not to sugarcoat my opinions, and I’m probably stating the obvious but washing with a shower jelly is seriously weird. It genuinely feels like rubbing slippery normal jelly on your skin, it took a lot of getting use to. The first time I used it I hated the feeling and almost gave up, but my muscles felt so good I had to use 

it again. I’m glad I persevered because it’s actually quite fun now. I use the whole block and just sort of slide it all over my body. 93,000 miles lathers up really well and leaves this beautiful smell all over you. I’ve heard you can pop them in the fridge before using but I find 93,000 miles so refreshing it doesn’t need this extra step. I also like how it wobbles, I find it really calming. But it doesn’t just look good it contains so many natural oils that it leaves your skin super soft too. I’ve found it more moisturising than some bath bombs without being as oily as bath melts. I’m quite an outdoorsy person I’m a Cub Scout and Duke of Edinburgh Leader, I love horse riding, walking and occasionally rock climbing so I need to relax my muscles after a hard workout; 93,000 miles does this perfectly. Plus it’s not overly sweet so I don’t mind sharing it with my boyfriend. Although the cinnamon smell does get quite strong once you start using it! 

As you’ve probably guessed I really like this little weird jelly. It’s fun to play with, does what it says on the tin and smells great. The only thing I would be wary about is the pot going mouldy or using it too vigorously as it might break up. Overall I’d have to give 93,000 miles 4/5 bunnies. Let me know what you think in the comments and what your favourite shower jelly is! 



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