My kind of Easter Egg!

Hello you lovely lot, I hope you’re ready for your Monday pick me up! I know I know I’ve not followed my usual song title format but if you know a lyric including the phrase Fluffy Egg please let me know. This week I thought I’d have a look at one of Lush’s Easter bath treats so I went for the Fluffy Egg bath bomb. For once I’m actually covering a limited edition product while you can still go and buy one.   

Now it isn’t the biggest of bath bombs but boy does it smell strong. It’s incredibly sweet but I kind of like that from time to time. It’s quite similar to scent to Snow Fairy or the Pink Fun which both smell like sweet shops. It can be a little overpowering if you’re not a fan of sweetness but Fluffy Egg definitely gave me the same energy boost as any chocolate induced sugar rush. It was incredibly cheap as well at only £2.95! I couldn’t quite believe I could get a limited edition Lush product for so little. It looks pretty cute too and has a different colour flower on the back. I must admit I was a little disappointed it wasn’t a perfect egg shape but I suppose that means you get more bath bomb for your money. 

Okay I know you’re waiting for the juicy bit, how did it actually work. It really didn’t bubble at all it just sort of fizzed away. Don’t get me wrong it was quite a nice feeling but I’m use to bath bombs creating at least a teeny bit of bubbles. I suppose if I’d mixed it with a bubble bar or some Pink Fun I’d have guaranteed bubbles so I might try that. It was a really simple bath bomb no glitter, no bubbles just a lot of pink and buckets full of scent. The smell definitely intensified when the bomb hit the water but it just made me feel nostalgic for funfairs. It has made my skin so soft and silky which is always a bonus. The bath water turned a really bright pink colour however as there wasn’t any bubbles it sort of looked like looking at yourself through pink jelly, I didn’t really like this. I love to relax into the bubbles, let them wrap you up like a blanket. It just felt a bit strange I guess and maybe I got a dud but I’m not sure. 


I guess that’s how I feel about Fluffy Egg, I hate feeling so meh about a product but the lack of bubbles really threw me. Although it smelt and still smells amazing plus it really chilled me out. My so so feelings mean I can only give it a 3/5 bunnies, I’ll try it again hopefully. Am I being incredibly mean let me know in the comments.



4 thoughts on “My kind of Easter Egg!

  1. I know what you mean about the lack of bubbles – I feel like it hasn’t really worked if there isn’t even a little foam! It’s a shame, because I love the easter egg design.


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