Whoosh and it’s gone

Hello you lovelies again I’ve been rushed off my feet this week so I’ve missed my lovely bath. So yet again I’ve had a week full of showers, which means we’re looking at another shower product. Now that I’ve narrowed it done you’ve probably guessed it’s Whoosh shower jelly. Like the last shower jelly I’ve had this for a couple of months so it’s not as pretty looking as my bath bombs or bubble bars. 

It’s got a lovely fresh and refreshing smell which gives me such a lovely buzz. Whoosh smells really strong of lemon and lime, which if you’ve read my Brightside review you’ll know I LOVE citrus scents. However there’s another layer, sort of sweet like honey. Plus there’s a undertone of the seaside which comes from the seaweed. According to the label there’s rosemary in there too but I can’t really smell that. However of you need a pick me up this guy is perfect. It only costs £3.75 for the small pot which is amazing. Especially when you consider its from Lush and it’s vegan. I’ve used it for months so it’s great value for money. 


However as you can see Whoosh has up and gone, it’s lost all it’s shape and broke up really quickly. I wasn’t that rough with it but that didn’t matter. Now it’s really difficult to use and I just have to use the small bits that broke off. It does stop that weird feeling of rubbing jelly on yourself though. I tried to revive it when it first started breaking up by popping it in the freezer but it seems the damage was already done. That doesn’t completely put me off because I like the smell I’m just a little disappointed. Plus I’ve used Whoosh on my hair as well and it makes my hair look really shiny. Whoosh also lathers up really well so it makes you feel like it’s really deeply cleaning. 
I have mixed feelings about Whoosh it’s quite a fun product, that smells amazing but I’m disappointed about it breaking down. I know to make sure you keep it dry and have never had any problems like this with my other jellies. But I’m a sucker for a great smell and a beautiful colour so I guess I’d have to give it 3/5 bunnies. What’s your favourite shower jelly? Has a shower jelly ever broken up with you, let me know in the comments. 



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