In it for the short haul 

Hello you wonderful lot I’m trying something a little different this time so please be nice. I don’t do a lot of clothes shopping but I’ve really been loving this high neck and turtleneck trend. I may have gone a little overboard, so I thought I’d show you my most buys. Don’t worry though there’s a couple of other items in there too!

I’ve had these skinny jeans for a couple of months and they’re so comfy. I got them in the New Look sale so they were an absolute steal at £12. They are a crop style but as I’m just shy of 5ft they fit me like a ‘normal’ pair of jeans. The top is from New Look too and it’s really nicely ribbed, it’s not a colour I’d normally go for but the camel really stops me looking so pale. I was a little disappointed because I had to go up a size and it still feels like it’s constantly ridding up. So I don’t really wear it that much and if I wear a black vest underneath it. However at £7 I can’t really complain, it’s good quality for the price and makes me feel really chic when I combine it with black jeans. 

I love bought this grey turtleneck at the same time and I absolutely love it. I like to pair it with a chunky blue statement necklace I got off my Nan. It’s so slimming and makes me feel like I should be in Paris. I didn’t have to do up a size but this one wasn’t in the sale so cost a little more but it was only £10. It’s a great charcoal colour and a lot warmer than I thought. I love layering up but I don’t really need to with this. I’m definitely glad I bought it, even if it did start my love for the style. 


My next New Look buy was this funky little tee, again it’s not normally the sort of this I’d go for but it just looked so cool. It makes me feel like such a cool kid and if you knew how weird I am you’d be laughing at that right now. Anyway we’re getting off track, it’s a strange fabric so you can feel all the bumps on your skin. It’s a great little find and I got change from a tenner. I can’t wear it on its own at the moment so I’m pairing with either a huge chunky knit red cardigan or a leather jacket and massive scarf. I can’t wait for it to hear up so I can wear a nice skirt or maybe even dungarees! 


Now this next buy I wear so much I’ve already had to restitch the cuff and it’s started to bobble on the instead. I got this from a shop I’d never heard of, Glamorous they had some cool stuff sort of a more upmarket New Look. This was in the sale so was only £24 and it’s so warm that if the sun is trying to shine I’m fine with just a vest. I bought a couple sizes up because I love baggy knitwear, it just feels like a warm blanket without all the hassle of a blanket wrap. Camel is definitely becoming one of my favourite colours, which is great because it’s been everywhere this winter. I’m a little worried it isn’t up to my gruelling knitwear standards but I’m going to love wearing it until the stitching completely goes. 


This next outfit is more usual style but I’ve tried to smarten it up with a more fashionable top. The high neck top is from New Look and under £10 again. It’s a lot thicker and has 3/4 length sleeves and looks great on its own but layers well. This particular one is a petite cut however New Look doubles tend to offer the same things across its Petite, Tall and ‘normal’ ranges. I’ve been eying it up for a while but finally got round the getting it last week. The shirt was from the Marks and Spencer’s sale but I can’t remember how it cost, sorry! It’s really soft and doesn’t stop me moving like my old chambray shirt. This one has popper buttons but also two invisible modesty buttons. These are supposed to stop it gaping open however this isn’t a problem I have. It feels a little better put together than most of my clothes and tailored really well. Plus it has these cute western patches on the shoulders, so I feel a like a little cowgirl especially when I pair it with my cowboy boots. 


I love love love this outfit! The top is vintage Topshop which I may have liberated from my Mum’s wardrobe however I think there’s quite a few similar styles in the shops at the moment. However I love a good bargain and what’s better than free. I recently bought this skirt from, you’ve guessed it, New Look. The top of the diamonds have a deep indigo tip which my camera really struggled to pick up. It’s a really funky pattern that doesn’t make my bum look even bigger, thank goodness. I has a lovely zip detail at the back and the material is a nice a stretchy so I can eat and not look like I’ve got a belly. It makes me feel feminine without feeling too over the top. Yet again it makes me feel cool. It’s great and really cheap and I think it’s now in the sales. 
So you’ve seen what I’ve bought, I want to know what your own favourite purchase is. I think the skirt is mine but I’d love to see what you’ve bought. 



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