A real Fizzbanger! 

Hello there you wonderful lot! I’m super excited to be sharing this one as its another present of my lovely boyfriend. If you’ve read about the other lush things he’s bought me you’ll know they’re always a bit of a curve ball. This post is no different, it’s bath bomb called Fizzbanger. 

I can see why he bought this one it includes uplifting citrus smell and has hints of apples and cinnamon. I love These are my favourite kind of scents, however he spends most of his time at work or out climbing so he orders Lush online. Which is why I can’t blame him for the fact I couldn’t actually smell anything but lemon and a tiny hint of cinnamon. Don’t get me wrong it smells brilliant just not quite as Lush says it should. Plus it is chuffing huge, I always feel bath bombs are a bit overrated but when I saw the size of Fizzbanger I was impressed. As you know bubble bars make more bubbles, and can be rationed out so it’s better value for money however £3.50 for this bath bomb doesn’t seem horrendously pricey. I love that bath bombs bring lots of colours and constantly change. So I guess it’s worth the price tag. 

Fizzbanger got to work making bubbles straight away. I really like how soft and creamy the foam is, it really soothes my skin. Plus there’s loads of popping candy so not only does the scent wake you up the little candy does too. There’s is also an increased floral scent which I think is ylang ylang which is nice and calming. When you’ve just about got use to this there’s a little twist in store. 

This beautiful blue middle appears accompanied by a different floral scent that I couldn’t place. I don’t know how but it really helped me relax. This might sound of like an emotional roller coaster but I promise it was so gentle I didn’t realise it happened until afterwards when I was awake and grinning. I’m a massive fan of blue so really enjoyed Fizzbanger. 


However the yellow and blue made the water a really weird green colour. Although by this point I was so chilled I didn’t even notice until my gorgeous boyfriend pointed out the colour. The scent was really light and didn’t linger for too long after my bath. My skin did stay ridiculously soft for days which is great. Fizzbanger is a really gentle relaxing bath bomb which makes a nice change. It’s probably one of my favourite bath bombs and I’d give it 4/5 bunnies. 



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