Shore Projects Watches

I’ll come clean now this is going to be a weird post. Basically I have lusted after Shore Projects Watches for a couple of months now but they’re a little out of my price range. They’re such a clever product you buy one of their watch faces and they have interchangeable straps. You can opt to buy one face and strap form £115 or you can buy a gift set which comes with a face and three straps of your choosing for £170. As someone who constantly wears a watch and likes to match it to my outfit it sounds amazing. However it’s going to take a little time for me to be able to afford it.   
However I found out if you like their Facebook page they’ll send you a code for a free strap on your birthday. I’m definitely going to get one of these watches so I decided I might as well get a free strap of my choice. Well it was my birthday last month and I finally decided to order my strap last week. I opted for the dark green classic strap and paid just £2 for the delivery, which is just 10% of the price of the strap. I’m planning on buying the St. Ives face which is black and gold so it should make quite a striking watch. I spent two days lustily staring at their website willing my strap to arrive. It was definitely worth the wait. The packaging alone was beautiful. It arrive in a gorgeous little box which you slide open to reveal your strap and a little cloth storage pouch. It felt so luxurious and as though I’d spent £100 on the strap. It may sound silly but the packaging made me feel really special and really added to the appeal of owning my own Shore Projects watch. The strap itself seems to be a high quality finish even though it’s only a nylon strap. I looked the attention to detail with the logo on the little gold clasp. I guess this purchase started as a promise to myself, but it just spurred me on to save for my own gift set. 

I would definitely watch out for Shore Projects as I think they’re going to be huge quite soon. They offer a range of timeless styles that are inspired by the British seaside. However they’re not just drop dead gorgeous they’re also built to last from crystal sapphire glass to their stainless steel cases. I love that they’ve embraced their roots and made all the watches waterproof to 100m. Plus you’ll never get bored of the look because there’s 34 strap styles in s variety of colours and fabrics and there’s currently 14 faces. Which leads to a crazy amount of possibilities making it very unlikely for you to see someone wearing you’re exact watch style. Not only are Shore Projects all round design geniuses they also lovely enough to donate £1 of every watch sold to the Marine Conservation Society, which is seriously lovely. They also offer student discount which is 20% off making that special purchase even more achievable! To be honest I love looking at their beautiful website and their gorgeous watches are an added treat. They also have Twitter, Facebook and a drool worthy Instagram account, or you can find them at 





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