If you like Pina Coladas

Hello again, a little extra post here. I have a hoard of face masks and skin that needs a little looking after, so I thought I’d let you know what I thought of them. I’m trying to get better at improving my skin care routine so that it extends beyond wash, tone and moisturise. I don’t really wear foundation because I’m lucky enough to have clear skin and no bags. I do however have very pale freckly skin that complains when I batter it with rain and wind. When this happens my skin ends up really dry and tight, but is usually fixable with lots of water and moisturiser. So I don’t need anything too intensive as my skin normally behaves itself.   
The first in this series is Superdrug’s Yoghurt Smoothie Mask, which costs 99p and is usually on 3 for 2 offer. In my eyes, as long as it doesn’t burn your skin or bring you out in a rash you can really argue with this price. It’s so cheap that I usually end up buying a handful. This face mask also has the added bonus of being Cruelty Free which disproves the argument that CF is too expensive. I’m not sure how I felt about the smell though. When I first opened the packet I got a strong whiff of holiday. That might sound really strange but it sort of smelt of coconut and sunshine. I really needed a pick me up from all this horrible wind, rain and snow. It was incredibly uplifting and made it really excited for Summer. As I started to apply the mask it started to remind me of Pina Colanda which isn’t a bad thing just unexpected when you read the ingredients. I was expecting a luxurious creamy honey scent so was a little baffled.



However I wasn’t let down by the consistency, honestly it was so creamy it felt like putting Greek yoghurt on my skin. It instantly soothed my skin and helped me relax. There was also a lot in the packet, I applied it really thickly on my face and neck. However I had so much left over I could have made another light mask. I didn’t expect it to toughen so much that my skin felt tighter but it did make it awkward to talk. The smell also became a little insipid and started to remind me of milk that’s on the turn. Luckily that was only for the last 3 minutes. The first 10 minutes where heavenly spend in front of the fire pretending I was lying my a pool somewhere warm.  
I removed it using baby wipes as I’ve found that the best way not to ruin towels. After that I rinsed my face with cold water and a facecloth. The majority of my skin seems to have returned to its lovely soft state, a part from an incredibly rough patch near my nose. Even that part seems to have smoothed out and definitely quicker than just using just moisturiser. Apparently my skin smells great and not like suntan lotion which I was a little concerned about. I feel like my skin will stay soft until at least tomorrow afternoon which is all I expect from a face mask. Overall I’d give it 4/5 bunnies, it’s cheap and cheerful and great for an easy fix. Let me know which Superdrug face masks you’ve used in the comments.



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