I’m going back to my roots 

Hello again! I’ve had yet another jam packed week, so haven’t managed to fit a bath in yet again. So this week I thought I’d look at Roots hair treatment. I know I can’t find time for a bath but I can find time to pamper my hair. But when your hair is only shoulder length it’s a little easier than a full bath! 


Now this isn’t an everyday conditioner, I tend to use it every fortnight but sometimes it gets to three weeks. I share this pot with my Mum and we’ve been using it for a couple months now and have only made it half way down the tub. So although £10.75 might seem a bit steep it is lasting for ages, so it kinda balances out. It smells really strongly of mint, there’s twenty ingredients but I could only make out mint. I feel like refreshing or sweet scents so this is the best of both words. However it did take me a while to get use to my hair smelling like toothpaste! I know other people can smell the olive oil but to me it’s just incredibly minty. Now I’m use to the scent I think it’s amazing.
My hair is quite fine and gets quite knotted but other than that is quite healthy. I really picked roots up to just give my hair a little boost. It’s really think and gloopy, I like hair masks this way as it makes me think it’s actually going to do something. I stupidly didn’t think about the fact mint would make my head tingle and feel cold. So I ended up shivering the first couple of times I used Roots. Now I just embrace the tickling feeling. There’s something lovely about massaging it into your hair and leaving it on for twenty minutes. However a word to the wise I found it I left too much near the roots my hair needed washing again the following day. Now I tend to massage it in then wipe the excess to my ends, or not apply quite so much. I usually apply it to dry hair so maybe if I had set it first I’d get different results. Not only does Roots lift my hair and help my natural waves it also takes care of any dry patches on my hairline. It hasn’t made my hair as shiny as other conditioners I’ve used in the past but it certainly doesn’t make my hair dry or dull. Roots is also renounced for helping your hair grow faster, if I’m totally honest it’s not something I’ve noticed but I was mainly hoping for body. 
Overall I can see why people rave about it but Roots hasn’t made my hair as shiny as I’d hoped. I’ll keep it trying and give you an update. I’ll definitely buy it again as it feels so nice and seems to be thicken my hair. I guess I’d have to give it 3/5 as it lasts for awhile, smells/feels great but it’s a little difficult to measure. Let me know if I’m being harsh, or if you have a better way to apply Roots in the comments! Which Lush hair are products do you use? 



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