What’s in my bag? 

Hello my lovelies, I’m trying something a little different this week. I hope you like it, if you’re anything like me you love nosing into other people’s lives so you should love this. As you’ve probably guessed I’m doing the what’s in my bag that a thousand other bloggers have tried but hey i thought it’s only fair after looking at all of those to show you what’s in my bag. 

Now I’m sorry that my bag isn’t anything quite as fancy as others but I absolutely adore it! I had been looking for a for silver and black handbag since last May but couldn’t quite find anything I loved. That was until I opened my 23rd birthday presents and my parents had bought me this gorgeous Fiorelli. I must admit it’s a little bigger than I initially wanted but as I’m going back to uni in September I needed something that could hold an A4 notepad and all the other stuff I like to carry around. Inside it has two big sections and a slightly smaller zip section. I like to group what I might need into different sections. 

So in the back bit I like to keep my pens and paper pad so that if I need to make notes or have to flesh out an idea I can do it here. At the moment I only keep an A5 pad in there because I’m not starting lectures until September so I don’t need to make lots of notes for revision or essays. At the moment I’m using this really cute personalised my parents got me when I started my undergraduate degree, I love it because it has a picture of me and my then favourite horse. I’ve been using the same pens since I started year 10, so since I was 14. They’re nothing special about then I just love how they make my handwriting look, plus I prefer pens that use wet ink instead of you’re typical biro. It makes my writing look like I’ve used a fountain pen but it dries so much quicker. Also if I get any paperwork while I’m at Cubs or D of E I pop that in there so it doesn’t get lost I can file it at home.

In the zip at the back I keep all my secret time of the month products as well as some mints. I don’t know why but I’ve always kept mints in their and have recently started putting the other bits in there after another bag fell over and spread them all over a restaurant floor! I also keep a comb, not that I ever use it I’m much more like to just grab one of the many bobbie pins or bobbles that float around my bag. It’s probably common sense but I guess I don’t have much of that! Although I do have enough to remember to put my keys in there. 

Right so in the zip pocket I keep all the stuff I’m more worried about; so my phone and purse. My purse isn’t anything special really it was the first grown up purse I ever got. My dad bought it for me when the Claire’s Accessories one I’d used for years finally ripped apart. This one is a really simple design black on the outside and a tan on the inside so it goes with all my bags. It’s just a Golunski genuine leather purse with nearly 20 card slots. I’ve also started carrying my huge battery in there so there’s a charging cable too. I like to keep a cotton handkerchief in there to clean my screen when it gets far too greasy. I also like to keep some cheap sweets in their so that if I’m rushing round I can have a little pick me up. Yes I realise that’s probably just an excuse and really I’m a big kid who loves sweets. 

In the finally part I keep stuff I might need to grab such as my Primark sunglasses. With the weather constantly for changing at the moment I’m keeping a knitted beanie and gloves in there at the moment. Hopefully I should be able to free up some space soon that I will inevitably fill with something useless. I’m keeping a watch in there at the moment, I’ve been wearing my Misfit Shine 2 constantly but it’s not quite stylish enough for a meal out. Hence why I’m keeping my gorgeous Fossil watch in here and the clip for my Misfit so that I can switch easily. I also have some cheap headphones in case I get caught waiting for someone.

There’s also two quite big pockets in this section where I keep my beauty stuff. I don’t carry much make up with me so it’s mainly stuff to help me freshen up. One pocket is just for my deodorant because sometimes you’ve got to freshen up. The next pocket is kinda my own mini Body Shop, where I keep their gorgeous satsuma hand cleanser, argan oil moisturiser and apple lip balm. These three are a perfect travel size and although they don’t blend well together they all smell great individually. This is also the home of my favourite beauty product ever, Marks & Spencer lip care. It’s cruelty free and works better than anything I’ve ever used on my chapped lips. It is so cheap, £1.50, sand lasts forever, I also have at least one on me at all times. 
So that’s what’s in my bag, I hope you enjoyed having a snoop around. As this is a little different I’d love to know what you think. Please indulge my nosey side and let me know what you keep in your bag in the comments!




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