Intergalactic planetary, planetary Intergalactic!

Hello you amazing lot, I hope you’re having a lovely day! I’m in a surprisingly good mood today as I managed to squeeze a lovely bath in this week. It was exactly what I needed, I strained a couple of muscle in my legs and stomach a couple of weeks ago so it still hurts to horse ride. I’m getting there though, every little stretch and bath at a time. This week I also had the inklings of a cold so I used one of my favourite bath bombs.   
This beautiful planet sized bomb is Intergalactic, and yes it smells as good as it looks. I first used this bomb when I had a stinking cold and it cleared my nose perfectly. The peppermint oil smells is so strong that it really helps you breathe and wake up. There is also lovely grapefruit and cedarwood notes which are amazingly uplifting. It’s wonderfully relaxing without the danger of you falling asleep in the bath. It’s quite a large bath bomb so the £3.95 isn’t too bad, especially when you use it to combat a cold. However I love Intergalactic so much I use it even when I’m healthy. I’d probably say it’s worth the price tag as it smells great and turns the water beautiful. 

I love blue, especially deep blues and Intergalactic is as deep as the night sky. When you first pop it in there’s lots of foamy bubbles and popping candy. The foam has a million different colours, such as pink, orange and yellow but that fades to white. I’m not complaining though as I find the blue so relaxing. There is so much gold it’s like bathing with your own stars. The smell is lovely and minty which is so calming. The foam, as usual, makes my skin so soft it’s like a baby’s bum. I love how glittery it makes the water, I’m not huge on glitter but I adore this bath bomb. Although the glitter does stick to your skin, but it is possible to shower it off. There’s so much glitter that you’ll need to wash the bath done after getting out, but it’s worth it.
As you’ve probably guessed I love Intergalactic; it’s so calming, beautiful and smells great. I try to limit myself to once a month but I could happily use this bath bomb every week. I have to give Intergalactic 5/5 bunnies even though it’s a little messy. Have you tried Intergalactic, let me know in the comments? What do you want me to review in future? 



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