A necklace after my own heart  

Hello you wonderful lot, today we’re going to look at my favourite birthday present. Now I realise this makes me sound super ungrateful for everything else I got but honestly I’m not! I have just wanted a simple gorgeous necklace for years. I always thought gold wouldn’t suit me because of my ginger hair and freckly pale skin. However after inheriting my Nan’s engagement ring I had to match it with something other than my usual silver accessories. I didn’t want anything too fancy as I’m not the girliest of girls and I needed something that I could wear with jeans and t-shirt, but wouldn’t look out of place with a dress.    
So when I saw this beautiful gold fill piece I instantly fell in need. I saw something similar but about £10 cheaper in TK MAXX however it wasn’t as pretty. I also liked that by buying this I was supporting a small independent British business. You can find Minetta jewellery on Etsy or Notonthehighstreet, it was setup by Sarah Holtom in 2013. She specialises in gorgeous versatile jewellery, which has a wonderful handmade quality and can be personalised. She uses primarily 14 k gold fill and sterling silver and occasionally contains semi precious gem stones. Basically Sarah makes perfectly simple jewellery that you can wear anywhere and doesn’t cost the earth! For example this gorgeous hammered necklace only cost £24 plus p&p, hardly pricey for such an expensive looking necklace. 


I pretty much guessed the present as soon as I picked it up, and couldn’t get the wrapping paper off quick enough. However once I had I was faced by this divinely simple packaging. It felt so expensive and high end that I felt a little tinge of excitement. Yes I realise how sad that sounds but I’ve been ogling this necklace for months. It was just really lovely and I was super excited. 
I finally slid the box open and saw a little signed thank you card and care instructions. It’s the little things that make me happy, and I thought it was a great touch! The necklace was covered my tissues and then placed in one of those protective foam pads. It was very simple but pretty and highlighted the natural shine if the necklace. So much so I’m currently eyeing up the sterling sterling version with a slightly longer chain. I really like how simple and charming the whole process is. 
Now that I’ve gushed just about enough all that’s left to say is, I really can’t recommend Minetta enough. They make me feel that little bit more polished on days where I just feel like crawling back in bed. So why not go check them out! Let me know what your favourite little Internet find in the comments.

Minetta on Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MinettaJewellery

Notonthehighstreet: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/partners/minettajewellery/products 


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