My girl is just a retread

Hello my bathroom buddies! I thought I was busy before but now the Easter Holidays are over and I’m back at Cubs and D of E I’m crazy busy. I don’t think I’ve had more than 30 minutes to myself all week! Which is why you’re getting a Lush post on a Monday. You know the drill I haven’t had time for a bath, so I thought I’d review Retread hair conditioner. 

It’s really hard to place the scent, but that’s hardly surprising when the main ingredients are cantaloupe melon, olive oil and yoghurt. As you’d expect it’s nicer than if you just lobbed those into a bowl. It’s a really light delicate scent. I suppose if you really looked you could find a smell but I really struggle. To go with the tiny scent is a tiny price. The medium sized tub is only £11.25, I’ve been sharing this with my Mum so it’s being used by five times a week and it’s lasted nearly three months. So it’s definitely good value, as there’s enough for at least 60 washes. 


This isn’t as thick as Roots as its meant to be a regular conditioner but I still find its quite luxurious. It took me a while to work out runny doesn’t mean you need loads. As with nearly all Lush products there seems to be a thousand oils which means super shiny and soft hair. I’ve found it works best if you don’t overload as it then makes my hair greasy. It took quite a few attempts to find the balance between leaving my hair dry and leaving my hair oily. In the beginning I had to rewash my hair which is less than ideal. I’m lucky enough to lovely healthy hair but it left my ends feeling dry. I started using Retread as its supposed to help dry ends but it seemed to aggravate the situation. I don’t want to sound like I’m moaning but I expect so much from Lush it’s sometimes too hard to live up to those expectations. Eventually it has returned my hair to its lovely soft and shiny self. However I’m not someone who really has the time for my hair to adjust. Part of my problem is I use to use Aussie and it made my hair look advert ready. However I’m trying to use more cruelty free so need to replace it. 
As you’ve probably guessed I’m not enamoured with Retread. Maybe I was expecting too much but it just seems a lot of effort. So I’d have to give it 2/5 bunnies, and feel a little guilty. Do you have any tips for Retread? Am I being too harsh? Let me know in the comments!



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