Chocolate for my face?

Hello lovelies, so I haven’t been keeping up to date with my face mask routine. However when my boyfriend asked me if I had a cold, and it was just patch skin I thought I should probably have another bash. So at the moment I’m quite run down and it’s definitely showing in my skin. 

So I tried another tried a tested favourite, Superdrug whit chocolate mask. Again this was incredibly cheap only 99p but I got it in the 3 for 2 deal. As it’s their own brand it’s cruelty free so I feel a bit better using them. Plus it promised to smell of chocolate which is always a bonus. I love chocolate, I can easily get through a family bar in an hour. It’s terrible but it’s just part of who I am so I just have to accept chocolate in all forms. However white chocolate just smells really sweet and chemically, so it wasn’t the best scent. Although it did grow on me over time and by the time I took it off I really like the sweet smell. 


I was a little worried because the top part of the mask was a little runny. But I poured that out and managed to get to the thicker smoother part. It was slightly clay like which was really soothing on my skin. As the mixture had split I didn’t get much out of this packet but it was still enough to thickly cover my face and neck. I forgot to set the timer so ended up with it on my skin until it started to tingle. Don’t worry my skin usually reacts this way with most masks that aren’t for sensitive skin. Even though it was only on my face for under ten minutes.
This facemask was a lot thicker than the last one so I ended up using really cold water and a damp washcloth. A lot of my skin has softened up again however around my nose and forehead are still a little rough. It all seems really sweet though which isn’t helping my cravings! I’m not sure if I’d buy this mask simply because it’s really sweet and made my skin burn. Maybe I left it too long to use though, for 99p I could be tempted to try it again. Overall I’d give it 1/5 bunnies but that might change over time. 



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