What’s in my wash bag? 

Hello my lovelies, as you know I’m always busy and this is mainly due to my volunteer work with Cub Scouts and Duke of Edinburgh scheme. In fact last week I didn’t have a day to myself because I was so busy getting ready for a Cub camp and St George’s Day Parade. However I do need a little me time on camp, this is usually 5 minutes in the bathroom in the morning arguing with my hair and face. 

I use to take a normal toothbrush on camp but now I have two electric ones I can always make sure I have one ready to go. It feels quite luxurious and stops my sensitive teeth from complaining. The toothpaste is my normal one, it’s kinda irritating it doesn’t come smaller. I’m not a morning person so I genuinely find it helpful to have a toothbrush that reminds me to switch every thirty seconds, and let’s me know if it brushing too hard. So please forgive my lack of outdoorsy products. 

That said I have been on enough camping trips to know the hot water tap often lies. So yes I tend to just use make up wipes and have a festival shower. I really like these Johnson’s ones because they super sensitive, moisturising and most importantly smell great. They feel a bit fancier than other brands I’ve used, so I always buy in bulk when I see them on offer. 

Now the next bit is probably the closest I get to being girlie on camp. I use The Body Shop super volume mascara nearly all the time. I only need one coat to make me feel as though I look like a normal human being. I have really pale eyebrows and ginger eyelashes so look practically hairless without a little make up. Another key step to looking human in managing to pull a comb through my hair. I then usually end up using Bobby pins and a hair bobble to keep my hair out of my face. Sometimes I can let my hair down and just pin my fringe back, but it’s easier to have it fully out of the way most of the time. I’m lucky enough that my skin usually looks nice enough not to need foundation, so I take a teeny Lush Charity Pot Foundation. It’s quite thick and leaves my skin a tad shiny, almost as if I’ve used a highlighter which is great. 

If I do get time for a shower, I like to spend as little time as possible in there. I’ve been camping since I was little but I’ve yet to find a Scout Campsite with a decent shower. So to combat this I like to use multipurpose products and non does this better than Green Fun from Lush. You can use to it to play with, shower, bath, wash clothes and hair. I like this one because it’s really citrusy and refreshing. This time I was only away for a short time, so didn’t pack conditioner. 
So that’s what I take when I go camping, which I spend most of my weekends doing from April to September. I hope that you found that interesting and wasn’t too strange for you. Hopefully I should be back to my normal uploads now that I’ve got that camp out of the way. Let me know what you think in the comments!



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