Girls just wanna have fun 

Hello again my amazing readers! Today I going to be writing about one of my favourite Lush products. As you know I’m all about scent and value for money, and Fun certainly covers this! I’ve been using this for so long that I’ve stopped keeping them in the plastic and instead put them in the little metal tins. 

So this is 3/4 of a Pink Fun bar, which is obviously loads you definitely get a lot for your £5. Then you remember you can use it for nearly everything. When I get frustrated I like to use it like moulding clay to play around, with the added bonus of it smelling great. You can also use Fun as a bubble bar, shampoo and soap or when hand washing your clothes. I love the Pink one because it smells really sweet like caramel and candy floss and childhood. I love sweet scents that are calming and nostalgic. 

I decided to look at how Fun works as a bubble bar and soap today. I’ll admit now I used a little of Prince Charming to colour the water because I hate plain looking water. However I only used a ball the side of my thumb nail but boy did it bubble up. After I took the photo I double the amount of Fun and ended up with bubbles everywhere. I was a like disappointed that it didn’t colour the water but it smelt great. It lathers really well when used as a soap as well, but you only need a tiny bit. Honestly that piece you think is tiny, it’s probably too big. The scent is light but has great staying power. I smelt beautifully sweet for days even though I showered with a different product the following day. 
Overall I’d give it 5/5 bunnies because despite it not changing the colour of the water it’s so versatile I can’t help but love it. Another plus is that it’s lasting for ages. You have to be careful not to let the block get wet but I find the tins do that perfectly. Also it’s so cheap I’ve got at least 50 uses out of one bar. Which is your favourite Fun bar? 



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