I know this smell 

Hello my lovelies, this week my super sweet boyfriend surprised me with a little Lush present. It was a great smelling bubble bar that looked pretty cute too. That’s right Pop in the Bath is the bubble bar equivalent of my boyfriend.

I instantly loved the smell it was fruity and uplifting exactly what I needed after a tiring riding lesson. He seemed to like smell too, it was then that I realised it smells exactly like Olive Branch shower gel. Which interesting enough is my boyfriend’s shower gel, that I like so much I was a real mardy bum when he changed it for two months. I can’t believe it took me so long to recognise it! Now I presume you haven’t all sniffed him so it smells incredibly citrusy with lemon and oranges plus uplifting bergamot oil. There’s a nice sweetness in their too so it’s no wonder that I love the scent. I like a bubbly bath so £3.75 seems responsible for two baths. It’s a smaller bubble bar but it’s mighty on the bubble front. 

Once it was crumbled under the water the scent grew a little stronger but it wasn’t overpowering. The pink and blue combined to make a lovely purple which was really calming. Half a bar was enough to make enough bubbles for me to splash around and still have bubbles surrounding me. I’m not sure what colour other bars create but I’d definitely recommend the pink and blue one. I think I had a green and pink one years ago and as expected that made a strange murky colour. It’s silly but if my bath looks strange I just know I won’t enjoy it as much as a pretty looking bath, even if it smells exactly the same. It’s why I am always confused when Lush doesn’t think about the water colours over time. Luckily I loved the slightly blue slightly purple bath Pop in the Bath had created. There’s at least three different types of oil in this bubble bar so it leaves your skin unbelievably soft and smooth. It’s not too overpowering and bubbles really well so I think it’d be a great first bubble bar even for kids. 
Overall I’d give it 4/5 bunnies, as it smells great and bubbles really well. I don’t know what’s missing but there’s something stopping it from being 5 bunnies. Am I being too harsh? Maybe I just felt strange smelling like my boyfriend. On the other hand I’m in a long distance relationship so I feel this would really help when I’m missing him. So I guess it’s kinda sweet in weird kinda way. 



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