I’m a Milky Bath kid

Hello you wonderful lot, I hope you’ve had a lovely week. I’ve had a much more laid back this week so have finally managed to get a post ride bath. It’s been really hot here in the UK so I wanted something gentle and not very strong. 

So I chose this little cutie, it’s quite small but surprisingly deep. This is Milky Bath and it smells great both uplifting and calming. There’s a really delicate scent of orange, cocoa butter and patchouli and I promise it doesn’t smell like milk. I honestly avoided this bubble bar for ages because I thought it just smelt of milk, how wrong could I be! This is definitely one of the smaller bubble bars but at only £3.75 it’s great value for money. I think you could get at least three baths out of Milky Bath. So that’s just over a pound a bath, hardly expensive for such a luxurious feel.

However learn from my mistake I only used the bottom third then later found out all the cocoa butter is in the glittery top. Not that I would have noticed, it crumbled differently to all other bars I’ve used. Instead of being coarse or clay like it was soft and buttery. My hands felt noticeably softer just from breaking down Milky Bath, it really added to the luxurious spa feel. The bubble bar really performed on the bubble front with just a third of the bar filling my bath with bubbles. The water became a pale white colour but I didn’t expect anything fancier from this little guy. The colour and scent combined to make an incredibly calling experience. It soothed my sore muscles and left me with a huge grin. Plus my skin was so soft that I didn’t need to moisturise which was great as it was still warm and I didn’t want my skin to feel greasy. So it was amazing to have soft skin that sort of smelt like clean laundry. Ever since I started the transition to cruelty free I’ve been looking for a good bath milk. Now I’ve finally found one. 
I adore the simplicity of Milky Bath. There’s no hidden colour change or crazy amount of glitter just a gently smelling, great bubbling bar. It was lovely and relaxing so I was in a great frame of mind for my post bath meditation. I still feel incredibly light and content but mostly importantly smell great. Overall I’d give Milky Bath 4/5 bunnies. It’s a definite break from Lush’s strong scents and bright colours but sometimes you just need to relax. What do you think of Milky Bath? 



2 thoughts on “I’m a Milky Bath kid

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