The prettiest sun protection 

Hello my sunbeams, I’ve had a pretty good week mainly because of the Summery weather and good company. However with all this sun comes lots of chances for sunburn. The battle between my pale skin and the sun is real, I have ginger hair so I’m paranoid about burning. As I’ve already stupidly been burnt once this year I’m keen not to repeat the experience. Yes I was wearing factor 50 but I also happened to be rambling through the Lancashire countryside and was out for a little too long. It has been hotter here than Barcelona, so reapplying suntan lotion and t-shirts don’t cut it. I’ve finally managed to use a beautiful scarf my mum bought me way back in February. 

Now this beauty is from, in particular The Forrest & Co I’ll give a little info about them at the bottom. I really like how subtle the colours are and the colourful birds. Part of the reason I feel for this scarf because it has, I think either chaffinches or bullfinches, both of which I use to see in my Nan’s garden. The print is so nice I’ve actually used it as the backdrop for a my Facebook photo. The fabric itself is incredibly soft and feels great against my skin. I like to pair it with a white vest and denim shorts, so it really dresses up an otherwise plain outfit. However it’s so delicately coloured that you could wear it with a plethora of colours, whether it’s one on the scarf or used to pop in a monotone outfit. I feel like it would suit anybody as its just a simple feminine print and I’d happily share it with my mum. 

Part of the reason why I like this scarf is the fact it can be personalised with a little initial charm. Obviously my mum chose a D for me, which was a lovely tough. I even adore the colour of the charm, even if cooper didn’t exactly blend with the scarf. However I was disappointed because the weight of the charm is slowly stretching the scarf. I’m worried that eventually the charm will ladder the scarf, break through the end and drop off. The scarf will still be beautiful just a little less special. I guess that’s the risk you run for delicate soft scarf with a heavy metal charm. 

I’d been eyeing this scarf for a while before my mum bought it, so I know it’s under the £15 mark. However it definitely doesn’t feel inexpensive. I can’t stress enough how beautiful I think the print is, it’s almost like a painting. It’s light and soft enough to wear over my shoulders during 26C sun. Obviously it’ll work quite well in cooler weather to keep the breeze off your neck. I know I’m probably stating the obvious but I have found some thin scarves not substantial enough to keep off the chill. 

Overall I’m happy with this little scarf it’s soft, affordable and stylish; yes I’m worried about the charm coming off but it might not. It’s great for keeping the chill out but also can be used to keep my poor skin out of the sun. They do at lot of different designs so it’s worth checking them out. I hope you enjoyed this slightly different piece, let me know in the comments.

The Forrest & Co are based in Devon so it’s another independent UK business. They sell clothes, homeware and items for children. A lot of their items can be personalised, are fair trade and produced by individuals. Their items are all very fashion forward and quite a few affordable choices, even if your a student. However they also cater for those with deeper pockets. 



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