Go on Avobath  

Hello you lovely lot, I hope you’re having a great week. I’ve been making the most of the beautiful sunshine and getting out there as much as possible. However all this fun means I’ve needed to work harder on smelling sweet and fresh which is why I fell for this beautiful bath bomb. 

It’s a lovely refreshing green colour. My school uniform was green so it’s taken me years to actually appreciate that it can be a gorgeous colour. It smells amazing too really citrusy scent. You probably know by now I love citrus scenes so I was always going to like a lemongrass and bergamot bath bomb. Avobath also has a more gentle organic smell which I think comes from the olive and avocado oil. It’s a medium size bath bomb and costs £3.50 while you can only use it once I still believe it’s an okay price. I guess I feel a little cheated as it doesn’t do anything too fancy. 

I’m now use to slow burners like Intergalactic so I might have added Avobath far too soon. I was disappointed that I had to jump into a quarter full bath before the bomb ran out. In addition to this it didn’t do anything special, my bath water just turned green. To be honest I was disappointed no bubbles, one colour and no glitter. I know if I want bubbles go for a bubble bar but I expect at least a little foam. However it is relaxing and incredibly soothing. My skin was wonderfully soft that I couldn’t stop stroking my arms. Avobath is definitely one of the more moisturising bath bombs. The scent did get a little stronger when I popped it in the bath which was pleasant, and it didn’t become overpowering. 
I’m sort of confused about Avobath, I really like the scent but I’m dissatisfied with how plain the bath became. If I factor in the fact it works beautifully as an air freshener. I wanted to use bath bomb to wake me up after a morning ride but I soon found out it would work better after an evening lesson. I’d probably buy Avobath again but I’d probably pair it with a bubble bar or Fun. I guess it’d have to give it a 3/5 bunnies and try again now I know what to expect. 



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