The Sacred Truth

Hello there you beautiful lot, it’s time for another of my occasional facemask posts! Yes I know originally I said they’d be weekly but I just can’t find the time so now they’re sort of monthly. This time my skin is being a little rough on my right cheekbone and forehead. As usual I have no idea why I just have to try and fix it. This time I’m doing a cross over as its a Lush facemask called The Sacred Truth. 

It’s meant to be an anti aging one but my mum found it too greasy. As with all Lush products it’s packed full of natural ingredients including wheatgrass, green tea, ginseng and papaya. Yes it’s sounds like a lovely smoothie but it we’re not suppose to eat it. All these natural elements means you have to keep it in the fridge, which makes it super cool to apply.  It comes in one of the small (75g) pots and costs just under £7.  Which is okay I think I can get at least seven masks from one pot. I have a feeling it’s a limited edition as I can’t find it anywhere on the website. Either that or it’s discontinued. 

I like the consistency as it wasn’t too clay based and the oil made it light on my skin. It was smoother than some others I’ve tried. The Sacred Truth soothed my dry skin as soon as I applied it. It’s a really quick mask needing only five to ten minutes. Meaning I can use it even if I’m in a rush. It worked so well I didn’t need to moisturise afterwards.  Plus my skin smelt great. 

I really hope that it’s just a seasonal special and I can stock up next time. To be honest it’s my favourite facemask in a while. I’d have to give it 5/5 bunnies I’m just hoping I can get it again. It smells great, feels luxurious is cruelty free and self preserving. Which Lush face masks would you recommend for me?




2 thoughts on “The Sacred Truth

  1. I absolutely love this blog post! I have a blog dedicated to just lush things and it would be amazing if you could check it out or even follow/like! Thanks so much xx


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