They tried to make me go to Rehab, I said yes yes yes

Hello my lovelies, I’m super busy again this week so we’re looking at Rehab this post. 

Rehab smells a little different compared to non Lush shampoos. It has a natural minty and fruity scent. I swear they put a smoothies worth of fruit in their, including kiwi, mango, pineapple and papaya. Then they throw in nourishing oils and seaweed. The olive oil strengths hair against combing and styling, which my hair needs. I like the minty kick it left my scalp feeling refreshed and I swear it’s encouraging my hair to grow faster. It’s a little priceier than I’m use to at £5.75 for the smallest bottle. However I shared one these with my Mum and it’s only running out after three months. So a little really goes a long way. 

I’m always super weary about changing my Shampoo because I don’t have the patience to adapt. I use to use Aussie Miracle Shine, but I’m trying to use more cruelty free products so thought I’d give Lush a go. I first bought a little bottle to try it out, and well it obviously went well. It took a little while to use the teeny amount, it’s super cleansing and nourishing so it doesn’t need much. Seriously the picture below shows how little I use. I have shoulder length, medium thickness hair. It’s kinda wavy, and Rehab encourages a little more waves.

Once I’d cracked that I was on to a winner. It left my hair softer and shiny which is obviously great. It doesn’t lather up massively but we all know that doesn’t mean it’s not cleaning the hair. It just means they’ve not used that mix of chemicals.  It’s so softening that I’ve used it with spray leave in conditioner when I’ve been in a rush. My hair still looks soft and shiny, so I imagine it’d be great for damaged hair. 

Overall I’d give Rehab a 4/5 bunnies as it took ages to get use to. Obviously I’ve repurchased but there’s something missing. I’m probably going to try different shampoos in the future but Rehab will do for now. Which is your favourite Cruelty Free shampoo?




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