You’ve been (the) Comforter for me

Hello you beautiful lot, I hope you’re having a lovely week. I’ve heard a lot of hype about this weeks product but never got round to it. However it’s a Lush staple so I have to go for it. 

This is another giant bubble bar, the same size as my personal favourite Mr Brightside. I usually manage to get six baths out of those so £4.95 is incredible vaule for money. It has a lovely blackcurrant scent, although the actual ingredient is cassis. There’s a lovely woody scent of cypress oil and bergamot. So I guess all in all it smells like an extreme fancy blackcurrant bush. It’s a proper countryside smell and makes me think of sunny afternoons scoffing berries and currants in the back garden. 

It crumbles quite nicely although it’s a little bitty and not as smooth as other bubble bars. The Comforter does bubble really well and the water makes a lovely colour. I did end up with a little bits of whole bar but that’s more my fault. The scent definitely intensified once I started crumbling. However I’m not sure if I actually liked the scent. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, as surely I shouldn’t have bought a bubble bar I wasn’t sure I liked. It’s sort of overly sweet and bitter at the same time, maybe I’d adjust over time although I think my Mum is eyeing it up. 

Overall I’d have to give it 3/5 bunnies as it was lovely and bubbly but the scent wasn’t my favourite. I’d much rather have another Brightside but atleast I can share this one. 




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