Easy hair for busy lives 

Hello my lovelies, as you know by now I’m nearly always busy but that doesn’t mean I just let my hair flop. However I’m not going to spend more than ten minutes on my hair, in fact most days it’s more like five minutes. So I thought I’d share my week of  favourite hairstyles. 

Day one is the hair style I go for the day I’ve washed it. I like to keep it really natural so just tend to twist my fringe out of the way. I don’t really know what else to say. It’s really simple just wash, air dry and then Bobby pin my fringe. It’s lovely and summery boho look.

Day two requires a little more effort. I usually end up tying my hair back because the left hand side of my hair has gone flat. One of the things I hate most about my hair, is that at this point it my ends start to curl any which way. So for my own sanity it’s best to keep it out of the way. To make it a little more polished/ stop me looking crazy I straighten my fringe and tend to tuck the bigger but behind my ear. I also like to wrap a thin piece of hair round my bobble so it looks like I actually made an effort. Again simple easy, five minutes and I’m done.

Day three took the most amount of time. I had to straighten the rest of my hair, I tend not to do this often as I don’t like using heat on my hair. However by this point my hair is mainly straight. I then tend to use hairspray to ensure my flyaway hair behaves. 

Day four is definitely my favourite look. It works really well with my leather jacket, because from the side it looks like a faux undercut. It’s so simple, I just pull back the smaller left side of my fringe and use two Bobby pins crossed. It makes me feel like I’ve made an effort. 

Day five is great for keeping hair out my face. I pin back my fringe and take the front of my hair to create a little bun on my head. I think it’s really cute and fun. Especially when I get bored and shake my little bun about. Yes I realise that makes me sound crazy but just you try it. 

Day six is for when I really need to get stuff done. It’s a little more fun than a ponytail. I admit I feel like an anime character or like a 90’s wannabe but I secretly love it. I first started using it to keep my hair dry whilst washing but slowly started to wear it more and more.

Day seven is just my natural hair. Well I have straightened my fringe but that’s only because my fringe is insistent on growing sideways. I’ve also used a hair dryer which seems to make my hair so bigger and straighter, even if I don’t use a hairbrush. 


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