Washing powder bath

Hello you lovely lot, it’s another bath time treat post. It’s one of Lush’s simple staples that I hadn’t tried until recently. 

It’s the calming Butterball bath bomb. Butterball isn’t a flashy item but it smells great. As you’ve probably guessed from the title it smells like posh washing powder. Which sounds strange but I really like ylang ylang; I find it really calming and relaxing. Plus at only £2.65 it’s an affordable treat every month. 

Don’t expect anything too fancy it just changes the water to a cloudy white. This just adds to the relaxing vibe. There was some dried herbs in the bath bomb. At first I found that strange but soon I was too chilled to care. It was nice not to have scrub the bath after bathing.  Butterball also contains cocoa butter so my skin was beautifully soft. 

I don’t really know what else to say about this simple bath bomb. I can’t express how lovely and calming Butterball is. I’ll definitely be buying this every time I pop into Lush. So I have to get it 5/5 bunnies. What do you think about Butterball?




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