The way you make me Teal

Hello my lovelies I thought a week long Cub Camp was the perfect opportunity to review Barry M’s Sunset Gel nail polish. 

I went The Way You Make Me Teal because I love blues and greens; plus it matches a lot of my outdoor clothing. It was super easy to apply just one coat of the colour then the top coat. Although it did lead to some bubbles on two of my nails. To be honest I thought that looked pretty cool but I could see it irritating other people. 

I chose Barry M gel as its cruelty free and meant to be hardwearing. I very rarely paint my nails and wanted something to hide the dirt build up whilst camping. As its not somethings I’m use to I usually have a bath to remove the bits of polish I’ve got all over my fingers. I was really happy with the results and felt like Italy’s stay put. 

Day two and my nails had already chipped! I hadn’t put up any tents I’d just showered, hardly the intensive test I was hoping for. However I’d made a promise I wasn’t to redo or cover my nails for the week. 

Day four was a new low. Admittedly I’d been running around doing loads of activities with the Cubs. By this point I’d done climbing, archery and scavenger hunt to name a few. I was lucky I didn’t have to pitch any tents but I’d done everything else! From cooking to entertaining the Cubs. In addition to this I’d spent a very wet day at Whipsnade Zoo; so wet my walking boots are still drying out. 

Day seven as you can see my nails didn’t deteriorate much over the following three days. The downside of gel was that big clumps peeled off at once. Also it stayed much better on my left hand. 

However it stayed much better on my little toes. Please excuse my swollen ankles that’s just what happens when I spend days on end on my feet. This photo is from nine days after application and I’m thrilled. It has only chipped where I stupidly ran a door over my foot. 

Despite the chipping I will be using Barry M Sunset Gel again. It’s so beautifully shiny, and I think it’ll last better at home. Plus at only £4.99 it’s a bargain once you’ve already bought the top coat. There’s sixteen shades to choose from and it’s so easy to apply. 




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