The grooviest Lava Lamp

Hello lushies, I hope you’re doing well. I’m kinda in a post camp funk at the moment. After nearly every camp I end up run down so I usually need a pick me up. 

So I picked up this funky little dude. It smells amazing a lovely citrus hot that comes from tangerine oil, mandarin and orange blossom. It’s a medium sized bath bomb so the £3.95 doesn’t seem extortionate. 

Lava lamp fizzes away wonderfully until the the little clumps of purple lava  breaks free. Then your skin is treated to a hit of cocoa butter. It left my skin really soft and the scent was uplifting. 

However be careful of these pyrope orbs, they are nothing but trouble. It left a scum line on my skin, that I had to scrub at. Then I noticed my bathtub. Once I’d drained the bath purple stains all over the bath. As they were oil based I had to do an extensive bath scrub. It was so bad after fifty minutes I had to have a shower and try again. 

I hate to do this but Lava Lamp stressed me out so much I’ll have to give it 1/5 bunnies. It smells great but I’d never but one in my bath again! Sorry this has been so negative but I can’t like everything.




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