Just give me a little Respect 

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re well and not as  frazzled as I am. This post I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite soaps. 

I’m sure if you’re a Lushie you’ve already worked out that this is a very tired looking Respect Your Elders. It smells an amazing mix of blackcurrant, elderberry and olibanum oil. It’s similar to the Comforter bubble bar but I actually prefer this one. A word of warning it is an incredibly strong scent, it’s not unpleasant but it will linger for hours. Or if you’re really lucky a whole day.Another key factor is the price, £3.50, this is ridiculously good vaule for money. My Mum and I both use this soap and it’s still lasting is months. 

It lathers up really well in the shower but I can’t seem to replicate it when washing my hands and face. I will admit I find all hard soaps a little drying on my skin, but this is the best of the bunch. However I definitely need to moisture after use. This could be because it got wet very early on, so the oils aren’t as effective. I’ve found storing Respect Your Elders in a tin the best way to stop it turning into sludge. 

Overall I’d have to give it 3/5 bunnies as it is so drying. But it smells great and looks beautiful. Plus it has amazing staying power. 




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