Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

Hello again my lovelies, sorry for the lack of post recently but I was having some much needed family time. Then I finally got to see the gorgeous boyfriend for the first in well over a month. I know long distance boyfriend and family isn’t ideal but it means I get to spend a huge chunk of time with them at once.  So I really have been horrendously busy which is why this post will be a little short. 

I’m going away on this week so I need to get my skin in better shape for holiday snaps. I’ve been trying to get it soft and spot free which is why I’ve opted for Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask from The Body Shop.  There’s obviously a slightly minty scent that comes from the tea tree but that’s all. Obviously this is more expensive than the other facemask solve looked at £11. Having said that a little goes a long way, they recommend using it one or two times a week but I still think it’ll last about three months. I guess I don’t really mind paying a little bit more if it’ll last that long.

As the name suggests it’s clay based. At first I didn’t like how thick it felt but over time I’ve started to feel luxurious. It doesn’t look like the most beautiful facemask but it feels so calming. If my skin is in particularly bad shape I like to put it the fridge for ten minutes before applying. It tingled, pleasantly, the first couple of times but I thinned out how much I put it on and it was fine. I haven’t found it especially great at making my skin any smoother but it’s stopped my mid month breakout. 

All in all I’m fairly happy with this facemask but I’d definitely be game to try other The Body Shop facemask. Overall I’d give it 3/5 bunnies. On a side note has anyone else noticed that there prices have gone down, or am I imagining it? 




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