I’ll be your Honey Bee

Hello you lovely lot, I hope you’re a having a great week. I finally found time to have a long soak so you know I’ve got a Lush review for you. I’ve wanted to try this little cutie for a while now, I was finally lucky enough to get my hands on one. My boyfriend was cute enough to get me two bath bombs when he knew I couldn’t get to Lush. I know he’s utterly lovely. I especially like how this bath bomb looks like a tennis ball so it feels like a Wimbledon treat.

 Honey bee smells really calming and soothing. Obviously there’s Honey in there but there’s also Orange Oil and Aloe Vera. It gives a great natural relaxing scent, unlike a lot of Lush products it’s subtle and relaxing. Perfect for when you don’t want something that’s so in your face. It’s a medium size bath bomb so the £3.50 price tag doesn’t seem too bad. 

It fizzed up fairly well but didn’t create any bubbles. Honey Bee is another bath bomb that doesn’t feel the need to scream and shout, it just gets on with its job. The scent seemed to get a little stronger ince it was wet but nothing overpowering. I just found the whole understated vibe really relaxing.

As you can see the water changes to this strange yellow colour. Which my boyfriend decided looked like a strong wee, not going to lie that did kinda kill the relaxing vibes. Like most Lush bath bombs it did leave a strange dye line round the bath. As usual it comes away with a little water and a quick rub. This is a sore spot for me when it comes to Lush as it seems counterproductive during the relaxing process. I guess this is the price you pay for such an array of beautiful colours and glitter.  Plus given Honey Bee left my skin so smooth it definitely seemed worth it. It’s hardly surprising when it contains Aloe Vera, Honey and something called Rhassoul Mud. Now I’ve not a clue what this mud does but if it’s what made me skin so soft it’s something I’m going to look out for in future. 

Honey Bee looks kinda funky but is great at softening your skin. Plus it smells amazing without being too intense. It’s great if you want something understated and relaxing. So I’m giving it 4/5 bunnies, what do you think of Honey Bee? 




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