Chasin’ this American Dream

Hello you gorgeous lot this time I’m looking at a Lush Classic. It’s a another hair product American Cream. 

If you are a Lushie you’ve probably already tried this one. I think it was the second ever Lush product I tried. I thought it was amazing but it was a little too pricey to use back then. Which is why I’ve had nearly a ten year break from this. At first it didn’t smell as sweet as I remembered. But the scent stays on your hair so long it definitely has the staying power it use to. It sort of reminds me of McDonalds Strawberry Milkshake, which isn’t unpleasant. It costs £4.95 per 100g which seems to be the average price in Lush. Obviously you can get cheaper conditioners but you know what Lush is like.

It’s incredibly thick but somehow manages to disappear into my hair; despite the fact it’s not particularly thick.  It does however make my hair fairly soft which comes from the vanilla and strawberries. My hair also seems a fair bit stronger. I also like how shiny the orange makes my hair. American Cream seems to have made my feel healthier. That said American Cream doesn’t seem to have done anything that other conditioners haven’t done before. 

I guess overall I’m sort of indifferent to American Cream. It makes my hair slightly shiny and thicker but I’m not a fan of the scent or believe it’s that special. I think it has to be a 2/5 bunnies. I’d probably only use it when hair feels like it’s thinning out or needs a boost. What do you thick of Anerican Cream?




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