Minimal Summer Make Up

Hello beautiful as you can tell by the weather outside Summer is well and truly here. Can we take a second to acknowledge it’s currently as hot as the Carnary Islands in the UK. I’m so glad I’ve been away otherwise I’d currently be a puddle of ginger gloop right now. Now I don’t wear a lot of make up even when it’s cold; let alone when it could slide off my face at any given moment. So I’ve used the minimal amount I could. 

As I’m so pale my skin isn’t exactly a sun worshipper. So I opted for Superdrug’s own BB cream. Which is a 7-in-1 cream so I don’t have to pile on moisturiser, primer, concealer and foundation seperately. Plus it has SPF 30, supposedly lasts for 24 hours and is anti-aging. Yes I know I’m only 23 but it was just like an added extra. 

It’s a really nice consistency, sort of a creamy liquid foundation. It spreads really easy but I found the best application came from using the Ecotools Blush brush. It’s nice a light and soothed my sunburn while I was away. It’s vegetarian, vegan and cruelty free. Plus it was only £6.99! An absolute bargain if you ask me, it blended well and hid the panda eyes my sunglasses created. I will say I’m a little disappointed how dark the lightest shade first appeared. It did improve once I blended a little. 

Next I applied Barry M’s Illuminating Strobe Cream. It left really luxurious and was so much easier than contouring. I loved the subtle sheen it leaves once blended. I used Superdrug’s own Blusher Brush. I just wanted a simple look but if you can layer the cream up really easily. Again it’s cruelty free and inexpensive, £4.49. I used Frosty Pink because even with a tan I’m fairly pale. However they do Iced Bronze too, although I’m not sure that would be any good for anyone with anything darker than Olive skin tone. 

Then I applied my trusty Super Volume Mascara in shade 01 from The Body Shop. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It makes my eyes look so pretty and lashes so long. I use it everyday and everywhere I go, part from the stables and the pool. Also apologies for the truly awful shot I’ve left my camera at home and its deadline day. Plus it recently went down from £18 to £10, which is amazing. It doesn’t clump like other brands or make my eyes water. Basically I could gush about this mascara all day. 

One of my favourite products I’ve got is the Barry M Berry Good Lip Oil. It has been keeping my lips lush looking and moisturising. It also tastes amazing. It’s like a good old sticky lipgloss that actually looks after your lips. So for only £4.99 it’s a really fun product.

If I’m feeling in need of a little boost I’ll use my ELF Little Black Book Festive Edition. They don’t stock this pallete anymore but the warm is similar and still costs £9. Given I’ve been using this one for two years it’s so cheap. Also it’s cruelty free. Now you know why I get so annoyed when people claim CF isn’t affordable. Obviously the little applicator is ridiculous but when I used a decent brush, such as Ecotools Eyeshadow brush, it went on perfectly. It’s not the most pigment eyeshadow but definitely great for the price range. 

I like to carry this little guy around when it’s hot or if I’ll be wearing my makeup for awhile. It’s from The Body Shop and only costs £9.50 even though it lasts forever. The perfect spray pick me up. It also seems to do a pretty good job of setting my make up. You can also use it to wet your brushes for a more intense look. Plus it smells amazing. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I know it’s a little different for me. Have you got any good heat proofing techniques? 




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