Airport Style

Hello my lovelies, some of you may have remembered that I’ve recently been on holiday. In fact I’m currently writing this on a sun lounger overlooking the pool! I love traveling; I even enjoy the uninterrupted hours on a plane where I can just sit back and catch up on Podcasts. However I loathe trying to decide what to wear to the airport. The contrasting climates, the need for comfort and the desire to look stylish. Up to two weeks before I’ll be trawling Pinterest and hauling clothes out of my wardrobe. I always end up with clothes in my hand luggage to change into, like a pair of shorts and pumps. So I thought I’d show you what I ended up choosing this time around. 

When I left the UK it was so thick in fog and drizzle I was almost certain we wouldn’t even take off. So I ended up layering way more than I expected. This little thin grey sweatshirt came from Peacocks about two jeans ago, and is definitely more loungewear but it’s so comfy. Plus it squishes down so small it’s easy to stuff into my hand luggage afterwards. The shirt is from Hearts and Bow and another piece I’ve had for years. I added the collar tips just to make it feel a little special when I first bought it. It’s so soft it’s like wearing a really thin blanket. Plus it offers protection when I land in the sunshine. I always like to layer a vest underneath to keep warm when it’s freezing during the flight, but I can strip down to it when we land. I paired it with so New Look skinny jeans, which costs £12.99 they are possibly the roughest pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. But I ended up wearing them as I always think black jeans just give a more classic feel to an outfit. I think my favourite part of this entire outfit is the shoes. They’re from Primark so only cost £3, I did have to go down a shoe size to make them fit. They just feel really stylish for trainers, plus they’re super comfy. 

I knew I couldn’t live in jeans once I’d landed so I stuffed a pair of H&M tailored black shorts in my hand luggage. These only cost £8.99 and are possibly the comfiest pair I’ve owned. The tailoring makes them look a little more put together than other shorts. They’re also so lightweight it’s almost like wearing nothing at all. The pumps are another item I had to dig out the wardrobe from four years ago. I really like the stud detailing and think they help dress up an otherwise bland outfit. 
So I hope that’s helped you a little if you have an impending flights and have airport dread. I will be covering my hand luggage in another post so you’ll get to see my bag then. I hope you’re having a beautiful week and I’ll see you next post. 



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