What’s in my bag: hand luggage edition? 

Hello my gorgeous lot, I hope you’re having an awesome time making the most of this Summer. I’ve just got back from a beautiful holiday on La Palma. Now you all know I love a good nosey so I thought I’d show you what I pack in my hand luggage. 

I wanted to go for a more chic look so I opted for this large black zip bag from Primark. I really like the chain detail it gives it a more edgy look which really helps dress up any outfit. I bought this bag the end of September last year for £8 but Primark still have so similar looking bags. 

First I  always pack the clothes I change into when I arrive. This time I chose a pair of black tailored H&M shorts. They’re not over short and look a little more styled than my normal denim choice. I like how lightweight and soft they are plus they only cost £14.99. The pumps are an old favourite that make me feel really stylish. 

Next I pack the bulkiest item which is a camping pillow. My family have always been big campers so we have loads of these in the camping shed. I’m not a huge fan but it’s better than having to rest my head on a stranger. It’s also handy for placing in the small of your back to stop your back from aching too much, sort of makeshift lumber support. 

It’s at this point I usually panic about forgetting my important documents. I keep my Ehic, Passport and Boarding Pass in this cute little purse. I use to have one from Turkey but the zip gave up last year. You can get them from most tourist areas and they’re so bright you can’t miss them! Equally as important is my spare pair of sunglasses. I’m always worried one pair will break and I’ll be stuck. So usually I end up packing three or four pairs. 

Another thing I worry about is getting bored. So I took my travel colouring set, which includes some pencil crayons but I always take my pencil case too. In there I have about fourty pencil crayons, twenty pencils and a set of colouring pens. 

I’d be in serious trouble in I forgot the cards. I’ve had this set for over ten years and they go everywhere I travel. I don’t have to worry about a battery dying just kick back and play. 

Speaking of battery dying I can’t travel without this trio. I adore my kindle it stops me from having to take ten books away. Whenever I’m not in the pool I’m reading in the shade, and that means I get through a lot of books. However when my eyes get too tired I have my phone packed with podcasts, audiobooks and music. Even if I’m just walking to the supermarket I need my headphones and to be listening to something. So when I’m  stuck on a plane for 4+ hours it’s a godsend. The next guy is a lifesaver! It’s an EasyAcc charging block, it weighs a ton but can keep my phone charged for a whole week. I bought it from Amazon three years ago for £35 and it is still one of my favourite purchases. 

Finally I pack the biggest part of my hand luggage. I always carry The Body Shop hand sanitiser and moisturiser. They only cost £2.50 and £4, they last for ever so are definitely worth it. I usually like to match the scents so wait until there’s a deal on and bulk buy.  Next there’s my emergency make up The Body Shop £10 mascara, Barry M £4.49 strobing cream and Superdrug’s own BB cream £6.99. Plus The Body Shop face mist and Ecotools blush brush. These are my current staples and  I go into more detail about these products in my Minimal Makeup Post https://formywordsblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/minimal-summer-make-up/

I also include Superdrug’s own Salt Spray.   This guy works best on dry hair so it’s great for restyling while you wait for your suitcase. It’s lasting for ages and only costs £2.99. Then I have the more practical folding toothbrush, travel toothpaste and make up wipes. These are great for freshing up. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed routing through my bag! Let me know what you can’t travel without in the comments. 




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