Piñata Colada Body Sorbet

Hello lovely, first of all sorry for the lack of posts recently I’ve been crazy busy. I traveled to see family last Friday and only got back late on Monday so couldn’t get my posts in order. Sorry about that. 

Now let’s crack on, I’m not an alcoholic but I do love a good cocktail. So much so that I’m a sucker for anything that smells the same. I only really drink cocktails on special occasions and on holiday so that’s probably why I reach for cocktail scented products. Which is why I had to pick up this pina colada scented body sorbet from The Body Shop. It’s a huge 200ml bottle so I had to decant some to take it on holiday. It’s a bottle of Summer packed full of coconut and pineapple scents. Plus did I mention it’s only £8, which is a bargain. 

However it did take me awhile to work out how I was supposed to use this product. When I bought it I thought it was a moisturising shower gel. Some online research made me realise I’d be an utter fool, it’s a lightweight moisturiser. I then started slather it all over my skin, which left me all sticky.  The amount in the picture above was enough for my whole lower arm. You really only need the teeniest  bit. 

I’ve found it works amazingly at rehydrating my peeling post holiday skin. As you can see it’s just starting dry and peel especially after I’ve showered. It’s kinda disgusting and leaves dead skin everywhere. This body sorbet really does moisturise my skin for 24 hours. Plus it soaks in so quickly I don’t have to sit around waiting. Piñata Colada is incredibly cooling too which is great during the hot weather. Even though its lightweight the body sorbet great at softening my skin too. 

It might not seem much but as someone who normally flakes a week after coming home I’m impressed with how it’s helping prolong my wee tan. I’m all about low key beauty and Piñata Colada delivers. As you  only have to use the smallest amount I can see this lasting until Halloween.

I guess my only gripe is it’s a little strong if you apply a smidge too much. One of my friends said I smelt a bit like a fancy drunk which is less than ideal but I love the smell. It can also leave you a bit sticky but that only lasts for ten minutes. On the other hand it smells like holidays and really makes me feel great. Not forget it’s great value for money. Overall I’d have to give it 4/5 bunnies. Have you tried The Body Shop’s Piñata Colada range yet? 




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