My favourite cruelty free brands 

Hello you amazing people! First of all apologies for the silence recently; my period decided to hit at the same time as I sustained ligament damage so I’ve been knocked out with painkillers. So I’ve been not sleeping and in too much pain to concentrate but I’m back now! 

I thought I’m come back with a simpler post about brands I love and happen to not test on animals. As you know I’m a bit of a cheapskate, so they’re all affordable brands. 

Barry M

When I first started wearing make up Barry M became one of my staples. I liked how fun, colourful and inexpensive it is. Nowadays I turn to Barry M for staples as well as fun things I want to try such as neon coloured eyeshadow. All of my nail varnish, that I buy myself, comes from Barry M. I like how thick and easy it applies, plus how long wearing it is. Another of my favourites is Lash Vegas Mascara Black, it’s only £6.49 and lasts for ages. New favourites include the Berry Good Lip Oil, £4.99, which soothes and repairs my lips even after stress nibbling. Plus the Illuminating Strobing Cream in Frosty Pink, £4.49, it makes my life so much easier and is lovely and creamy. 

Superdrug’s Own Brand

Thiis a new brand for me, but not only is it cruelty free it’s also vegan. They’re an affordable brand that offers high quality,  products. The only catch is you can only get them from Superdrug, however I do nearly all of my shopping there anyway. The only product I’ve reqularly used is the 7-in-1 BB cream but it’s so much smoother and lighter than any other I’ve used. At £6.99 it’s hardly breaking the bank either. I’m the past I’ve used their false lashes and they were super easy, even though I needed to trim them down. I’m sure everyone knows but all of Superdrug’s own brand is cruelty free, yes even there nail polish removers. I find their remover works better and leaves my nails more nourished than other no CF brands. Basically it’s affordable and great quality. 


I know it wouldn’t be a Cruelty Free post without mentioning the behemoth that is  Lush. They’re possibly the most expensive brand on the list. I tend to shy away from anything other than their lip products. I also seem to only buy from them in winter so I  have Santa Baby lip stain, which is matte bright red and a little drying. I tend to wear to feel extra fancy, and this has lasted be since last Christmas plus there’s loads left. An all year favourite of mine is the Mint Julips lip scrub, £5.50, it’s minty and keeps my lips super soft. However I’m constantly licking it off my lips to eat. 


Sleek is so affordable and I really like their powders and palettes. Being ginger, pale and freckly it took me awhile to find a brand that understood my skin tone. Sleek does this perfectly meaning I avoided teenage pictures of me looking looking orange. Now I buy nearly all my powder based products from them and not just because they offer a great NARS dupe! (Their Rose Gold blush is a near identical dupe for NARS’ Orgasm blush but for a fraction of the price at only £4.99.) The packaging is understated and stylish. I find Sleek eyeshadow beautifully pigmented and long lasting. 


I must admit I was dubious at first as I had to order online. I read a lot before plucking up the courage to just go for it. I spent about £25 and received a MASSIVE box of goodies, that’s how inexpensive ELF is! I think I bought a bit of everything from foundation to brush soap. Currently the most expensive item on their website is £32 however this is set including eye cream, serum, moisturiser and night cream. ELF is great at creating sets and fulfilling all your make up needs. I always carry their eyeshadow palette when I’m going out. It’s small, has a variety of colours and is super easy to use. 

The Body Shop

Yes I know this is a contentious choice as their parent company tests on animals. However The Body Shop doesn’t and I honestly believe that bigger companies need to see the demand to change their policies. Plus they’ve become a lot more affordable recently. You’ve probably seen me rave about this mascara in the past. But I also like the shimmer waves palette even if they’re all slightly too dark excluding the white one. 

I hope this has helped in some way or at least fed your need to snoop round people’s make up drawer. Which are your favourite CF brands?




3 thoughts on “My favourite cruelty free brands 

      1. From what I’ve tried I personally think so! Plus they do travel sizes of some products like their setting sprays, so if you don’t want to splash out all the money there’s the option to try them for a cheaper price!


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