How I make mornings bearable

Hello my lovelies, it’s still no exactly bath weather here so I thought I’d share my morning routine with you. Plus this way you get to know me a little better too. 


I like to start my day by focussing on how I feel and just set my self up for the day mentally. I think I’ve written about Breathe before but I think it’s amazing. I’m a naturally anxious person and finding the time to refocus is really important. My favourite mediations at the moment are; Welcoming the Day, Counting Breaths and Relax, Ground and Clear. 

7:10 am 

Yes I know my morning is currently app based but I like to get these tasks out of the way. Elevate is game based learning, it’s helping me improve everything from basic maths to increasing my reading speed. I hate the idea of my brain going soft so I think it’s important to challenge it. You play three different randomly generated games a day and choose from a variety of topics when setting the app up. 

7:20 am

Another way to test my brain is by learning a new language. In the past I’ve used Duolingo to top up my French but I’m currently learning Welsh. I went to uni in Wales but Welsh lessons always clashed with my lectures. I’m not saying I want to be fluent but it’d be great to have some basic knowledge. 


I’m currently trying to improve my core strength. However I find most forms of muscle training tedious. Seven minutes is great though because it lets me feel I’m doing something without having to join a gym. I’ve only been on the ‘bikini body’ for a week, and ironically way after I went on holiday, but it’s definitely tightening up my belly. 
7:50 am

Obviously I then need to stop stinking. So I hop in the shower with my current favourites. Of course they’re all from Lush, I only wash my hair two/ three times a week because otherwise it ends up really dry. My current go to products are Prince Charming, Rehab and American Cream. I’ll also brush my teeth whilst I’m in the bathroom. 

8:05 am

One of the joys of short hair is that I’m super quick in the shower these days. Another way to streamline my morning is to lay my outfit out the night before. This usually means I can roughly decide on my make up too. I also pack my bag the night before so I can just grab and go in the morning. This jumpsuit is one of my new favourites and I’ll be gushing about it in my summer favourite post. I’ve managed to finesse my getting ready routine to fifteen minutes, by racing against last nights episode of The Archers. Yes, yes I know I’m an old lady.

8:20 am

Last but not least I’ve got to eat a really yummy breakfast. I currently eat on a rota so I don’t have to think too much. Monday: Porridge with fruit, Tuesday: Fruit and Nut Wheatabix Minis, Wednesday: Cheerios and an apple, Thursday: Fruit bowl and Friday: Toast with a satsuma. I have more time on the weekends so tend to eat whatever I fancy which is usually an almond crossiant. I like to change the plan each week so I don’t get fed up. I also alternate between fruit juice and water to drink,occasionally I’ll drink coffee. I like to check the news whilst eating breakfast.

This is my rough outline, if I’m curling my hair I need to get up about twenty minutes early. I find this the best way to get me moving, as most of the work is done the night before or simply habit. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and let me know your morning tips in the comments!




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