Lush’s Sakura Bath Bomb 

Hello you wonderful lot, I hope you’re having a great week. I’m going for classic Lush Review after what seems like an eternity. Firstly I apologise for the boring title but I really couldn’t find a song this time. 

Look how beautiful this bath bomb is! Plus it smells amazing. I’ve been trying to  not to use Sakura because it has made my bedroom smell gorgeous. The main scent is a light delicate cherry blossom which smells so fresh. However it doesn’t stop there, you can pick out orange and lemon mixed with jasmine. Basically it’s a wonderful flowery and light citrus scent. I know it’s no wonder I love it. However my the time I woke up the scent had faded on my skin, and I was left a little sad. I guess next time I’ll have to leave it in my bedroom for even longer. Now on to the size, Sakura is on the larger side of average. Sakura is slightly bigger than the palm of my hand. It’s not huge but I don’t resent paying £3.50.  

When I popped this beauty into my bath the scent filled my tiny bathroom. It was like someone had whisked me off to a Japanese inspired cloud. I wasn’t expecting lots of colour and glitter so wasn’t disappointed. Sakura is a masterclass in understated beauty. Simply turning the water a pale pinky cloudy colour. It’s a great post meditation chilling bath. I slept like a baby last night it was amazingly calming. 

I guess it’s pretty obvious I’ve fallen in love with this bath bomb. So much so it’s going to become one of my regulars. It’s a solid 5/5 bunnies. 


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