There’s a bright and Sunnyside too

Hello again you gorgeous lot! I’m back with another classic Lush review for you. As it’s got cooler again, or has my body just got use to the heat, I can finally cope with having a lovey bath again. Which means I can try out another bubble bar. 

I picked up this huge bubble bar about a month ago, it’s incredibly pretty but glitter gets everywhere. I chose Sunnyside because it smells as close to Brightside as any other bubble bar. This is probably down to the mix of lemon and tangerine oil. Sunnyside smells really fresh and summery. It’s at the more expensive end of the spectrum at £4.95 however it is one of the biggest. I use about a third for my bath so it’s only £1.65 per bath. I think that’s rather good going. 

Yes I got a little bit keen and added the bubble bar a little too soon. However the colour didn’t dilute as the water level increased. It looks beautiful sort of like a shimmering golden perfume. I don’t really know how to explain it other than it’s luxurious and calming. I added a tiny bit more after this picture and ended up with a beautiful bubbly bath. One of the huge advantages of Sunnyside is that the glitter didn’t stick to the bath. Instead my skin was the only thing left shimmering. Plus the scent stayed on my skin for nearly two days. 

Overall I’d give Sunnyside 4/5 bunnies. 


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