DIY Bedside tables

Hello you wonderful lot, I thought I’d let you know about what’s going on in my life and my new favourite hobby. Full disclosure I’m an utter DIY novice, but I’m loving every minute of it. 

My bedroom use to be my brother’s and when I moved in I was allowed to redecorate. However this meant I could just wallpaper one wall. So deep down its never really felt like my own room. It’s been this way for years but now I’ve graduated I wanted something more grown up. So I’m slowly redecorating obviously I’m trying to do this a cheaply as possible. I thought I’d share with you all the little projects I’m doing. The first of these is two bedside tables that use to be my Nan’s. 

I inherited two of these slightly sorry for themselves bedside tables. This isn’t the clearest of photos but they have an open draw, closed draw and a little shelf that you can put your tea on. The wood is great quality your perfect vintage piece. If I’m honest I love the idea of a tea shelf and had to have them. 

First things first I needed lighten these bad boys up. I did this with two coats of basic B&Q white primer. This photo was taken half way through the process. 

Excuse the mess but I was working in my Nan’s garage which is full to burst. Next I applied two coats of Dulux white eggshell gloss. Again this is after the first coat hence why it looks a bit shabby. I chose an eggshell gloss because I didn’t want anything too shiny. It was finally starting to look fresher and less dated. 

Then I painted the open drawer a light blue just to add a more modern feel. I picked Monte Christo from a book range from B&Q. I managed to grab one of there huge tester pot so it was relatively cheap. It’s a beautiful calming shade and I’ll be using the rest of the tub on picture frames. 

The next job was the easiest, I bought some marble look contact paper for £7.99 from B&Q. It’s a huge roll and I’m using it for loads of different projects. I choose this one because it has some gorgeous gold look marble highlights. 

Finally I added these beautiful knobs from Amazon. They were a great deal £6.99 down from just over £30, it was such a bargain they’ve sold out now. I adore these beauties, I think they’ve made these bedside tables. So much so I’ve included a close up down below. 

Seriously look at these guys! They feel great with a proper weight behind them. 

All in all I managed to revamp both of these now beautiful bedside tables for just shy of £35. Not bad I’m sure you’ll agree they look a little more expensive than that. I hope you’ve enjoyed this slight change of topic, let me know in the comments. 




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