Transitional Style

Hello you wonderful bunch. I hope you’re having a great week and making the most of the end of Summer! I don’t know about you but I could do with the weather making it’s mind up, and preferably on the sunny side. Don’t get me wrong I adore Winter, but I’m not ready to give up on the sun just yet. I think the thing I find difficult is saying goodbye to all the clothes I’ve fallen in love with during Summer. So I thought I’d share with you how I try to get the most out of Summer favourites.  

This Summer I finally braved the playsuit, I can’t believe how long I waited. This one is airy and bright. It was £19.99 from H&M, but I definitely got my money’s worth. I like the sort of boohoo vibe it gives me but I can easily pair it with Chelsea boots. I thought I’d look silly with tights but it’s just like a dress. If it looks mild I’ll pop on my black leather jacket; or if it’s cooler an oversized hand knitted cardigan. I’m so happy I get to wear this for a couple more months. 

I bought this shirt at BHS in the closing down sale, however it’s actually Dorothy Perkins. It’s so soft and comfy perfect for pairing with tailored shorts. Now that the weather is cooler I’m wearing it with my black skinny jeans but leaving the shirt slightly unbuttoned. 

I bought this dress from New Look in July and wished I’d bought it earlier. A word of warning the sizing seems to be on the larger side and I’m currently going through the process of tailoring it. During summer I wore it with a boxy stripey crop top. Although it’s not warm enough to walk around with my belly bare anymore. So I’ve started wearing this high neck t-shirt. It makes me feel so stylish and pretty.

I really wanted something a bit more 1960/70’s inspired wardrobe pieces, so I had to buy this skirt from New Look. I got it in the sale for just over a fiver. However I did have the sizing issue again. I know I should have paid more attention to the sizing chart but I was in a rush! I’ve started wearing tights or turtleneck. 

I’ve just realised its all quite muted but comfy. Once winter rolls around no doubt I’ll be adding colour with fair isle jumpers. I hope you’ve found this post helpful and let me know your favourite winter looks.




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