You drive me navy! 

Hello my lovelies. This week I thought I’d look at another of the Barry M sunset gel range. Now that’s it’s getting dark earlier I thought I’d go for something a little darker. So I went for You Drive Me Navy, which is an incredibly inky blue it almost looks black.  

This was a little confusing as it doesn’t look anywhere near as dark in the bottle. However I did want something as close to black as possible so I was pretty happy. I think it looks sophisticated without having to resort to a plain black or French manicure.  Having said that I didn’t want anything too dark on my fingernails so I went for my toenails. It’s like a little hidden polished element to any outfit even if it’s my old jeans and a t-shirt. 

I admit this is properly the messiest I’ve ever applied my nail polish. I’m still getting use to the thick gel. But it goes on so easily and is just as easy to neaten up. I’m going to be super honest and admit that I was doing this in a rush, I literally had five minutes. You Drive Me Navy is part of the second Sunset Nail Polish and it seems to dry a bit quicker. As usually for Barry M it’s surprisingly affordable at only £4.99 plus Superdrug usually has great cosmetics deals. You really can’t complain at that price. 

This picture was taken three weeks after the one above. I’ve lost half my little toward mildly chipped three other nails. Now that’s not bad at all. It’s really simple to apply as well, just one of the colour and then the UV topcoat. I can’t stress how easy it is for a such a long lasting polish. Then throw in the fact it’s cruelty free and I honestly don’t know what more you could what. 

I’m a massive Barry M fan, it’s incredibly affordable and great quality. Plus you can get it on almost very high street. I adore You Drive Me Navy because it lets be feel both polished and a little edgy at the same time. I also really like the square bottles and little gold tops that look pretty when I leave them out. Let me know which is your favourite colour from the Barry M nail range? 




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