Facemask for sunburn?

Hello you beautiful lot, I hope you’re well and having a lovely week. Now this is a bit of an embarrassing post. I’m ginger and pretty pale, so I’m quite sun adverse. However I’ve been to a couple of country shows during this challenge weather and unfortunately I’ve got burnt. This makes me feel like a right wally, I know how dangerous it is but honestly I was trying everything I could to stay out of the sun. 

Once it’d happened I was left with horrible red and peeling skin. This horrendous photo was taken just ten minutes after moisturising; you can see I’m already starting to peel again. It was making me miserable, I couldn’t cover it with make up or constantly be applying a top up. 

I finally reach for a facemask. Again this is a incredibly cheap, 99p, Superdrug mask. Which means it’s cruelty free and as always smells great. It’s like applying a slightly gritty fruit smoothie to your face. It was an unusual because my skin was so sensitive it hurt to apply anything, however after a few seconds it was soothing. I popped this mask in the fridge for ten minutes before use and it definitely make a difference. 

I applied quite a thick layer and tried to get as close to my hairline as possible. I left Superfruits Exfoliating Mask on for as long as I could which is 15 minutes. Then I removed the mask with lukewarm water and a flannel mitt. This process was probably the most pain part as I had to rub at my raw skin. I’m definitely not saving this is the best method for sunburn but I was desperate to stop the flaking. I was slightly paranoid about the grittier bits sticking to my skin. So I ended up gently washing my face afterwards. 

Hopefully you can see how much paler why skin looks. It’s nowhere near back to normal but it’s more pink than red. It’d managed to get rid of all that flaky skin too. Only my nose looked ridiculous but it meant I could cover that with make up. Obviously I carried on applying after sun and medicated cream. But my skin finally felt soft and smelt great. Plus my skin had lost all that tightened meaning I could finally smile again. 

Feel free to scold me in the comments if you like. I’d also love to hear about your favourite cruelty free facemasks too.




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