Blackberry Bomb 

Hello lovelies, I hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather. I certainly am as it means I can enjoy a bath without melting. This time I decided to try Blackberry Bath Bomb, from Lush. My first gripe is the boring name. I know it’s a small thing but it’s a little disappointing. 

It’s a medium size bath bomb and a beautiful colour. I’m sure you’ve worked out that I adore blue by now. This one is even prettier because it’s so simple and clean looking. Blackberry Bomb smells amazing too. There’s the obvious blackberry but bergamot and frankincense as well. It’s an incredibly calming scent so great to use before bed. It’s one of those bath bombs you can leave in your bedroom to help to drift off to sleep. I tried to keep it for ages before using because it was helping me sleep better. So I managed to get an air freshener, sleep enhancer and bath bomb for just £3.35, not bad if you ask me. 

I like the beautiful deep purple the water becomes. The scent doesn’t diminish when it hits the water either. I was incredibly stressed out and it really helped me chill out. I had a great time splashing in the beautiful water and meditating. 

Blackberry Bomb doesn’t do anything too spectacular to the water; there’s no rainbow of colours or glitter. It’s an understated bath bomb that’s all about finding time to relax. I used the time to apply Roots hair mask and got out of the bath feeling happier, calmer and recharged. 

I think my favourite part was finding this little note in my bath. It’s simple but it made me giggle. I wasn’t sure if it was just paper or if I was suppose to use it somehow. If you’re more clued up please let me know! 

My second gripe was the fact that it left a purple ring around the bath. I was in the bath for 35 minutes but it was a pain to try and fix it afterwards. 

However I don’t think these two little blips outweighed the benefits. My skin smelt amazing until the following evening. Plus my skin was so soft I spent the day stroking my arms. I think Blackberry Bomb has become a new favourite with 4/5 bunnies. 




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