DIY: Boring to beautiful box files

Hello my lovelies, I’m in the long and slow process of redecorating. This means I’m finally getting rid of my old office filling cabinet. While useful it was far too big and far too ugly to keep. Plus I always ending up keeping stuff I didn’t need just because I had space. I’m trying to pair back so I’m taking the plunge and converting to expanding box files.  

As you know I’m cheap and proud. So I wasn’t willing to dish out for pretty stationary to store all my paperwork. So I bought a narrow one from Staples for just under £3, and a larger more structured one from Tesco for £8.  They’ll be on show on my desk so I wanted something a little easier on the eye. I had loads of the marble contact paper, so it seemed like a win win. 

The next step was to cover the tricky parts. This time it was the area under the handle and around the lock. It stops any of the file showing when I inevitably  mess up cutting round the the awkward patches. Trust me it just looks so much better if you take the time to do this.

Then I had to cut a piece to cover the file. It was like measuring wrapping paper. Super simple and super quick. I tripled checked the covering but only because I’m always worried I’ve cut too short. 

The fun and ever so slightly infuriating part was next. I have to do this so slowly otherwise I’m convinced I’ll end up with wrinkles and bubbles. I pulled off the backing sheet whilst smoothing the sticky back plastic. It’s the only fourth time I’ve used sticky back plastic so I’m still slow but it’s still rather fast. 

The next tricky bit was cutting in. This ensures a smooth finish and perfect corners. I ended up applying an insert to cover the messy edges. It probably sounds draft but it made everything neater and less likely to become unstuck. 

This is the final look. It took 50 minutes for me to cover both of these. I think you’ll agree they look so much better and much more grownup. I’m still toying with the idea of painting the fastening, and changing the cord.

 I’m really chuffed as I’m the sort of girl who can’t cut straight but even I managed this. It was a really cheap DIY too. I’ve looked online the closest I can find costs nearly £30 and is a much darker marble. So I think just over £11 and using up some more of the contact paper is a winner. 




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