Lord of Misrule 

Hello you lovely lot! Sorry for the lack of post I’ve just started my masters course and my period and a full blown cold hit me hard. So I thought I’d share with you how I made myself feel better, and of course it’s Lush based! I was in 3-6pm on Wednesday and then 11-6pm on Thursday   and Friday. Then throw my volunteering into the mix and I really wasn’t coping. 

Luckily the first thing I’d bought with my student loan was nearly all of the Lush Halloween range. I adore Lord of Misrule. I bought the shower cream last year and I have tried to make it last, so I had to try the bath bomb. It has the same gorgeous luxurious scent. It’s a great vanilla scent rounded off with spicy black pepper. I think it’s quite a masculine scent but I love it. It’s a calming scent that you can wear all year long. It’s absolutely huge and obviously limited edition so I really don’t mind paying £3.95.

It foams up really nicely sort of similar to how Twilight reacts. It makes the bath feel incredibly smooth and softening. There was also a little crackling of the pooping candy. The scent was slightly different as I had added a few drops of mint oil to help me breathe. I was so stressed, I have an assignment due on the 14th and a camp last weekend. I just felt there wasn’t enough time in the day. It sounds silly but it really helped me relax. 

I’m not going to lie it’s not the prettiest bath bomb but it is amazing. The scent isn’t over powering. Lord of Misrule created more bubbles than I was expecting. Another bonus was the hot water helped ease my chest. 

It turned the water an unusual dark colour that matched my cold cure. If I’d been more awake I would have light some candles, but I didn’t want to fall asleep mid bath. The water and scent just chilled me right out. 

I was in bed and asleep well before ten o’clock. I slept all the way through beside my stinking cold. My skin was so soft and smelt so good I was forcing people to touch my arm. I feel I should probably stress I’ve known them for ages and I was mildly delirious. Overall I adore Lord of Misrule and it’s ugly colours. I’m giving it 5/5 bunnies. 




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